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In signal processing, the
importance always been on speed. Due to this reason, numerous of available
machines are very difficult to program, even in assembly language. To make this
available to the user the possible performance, the machine
designers have provided the capabilities and also revealed the possibilities
for parallelism way beyond the level of specification that usually encountered
by most programmers. Because of highly complicated processor the writing code
for many of these machines is like writing a horizontal microcode. For every-day
applications programming where users had to apply the kind of skills normally which
usually reserved for machine designers. Secondly, the most important factor
which influence computer architecture is technology However, due to its growing
demand, the cost of it has been rising. The factor which cause the cost rise is
due to the importance to architectural ideas such as general register files
which will be significant when the proper enabling technology was available,
and multiple specialized processors which took on reduced implementations. At the
same time, it also an exceedingly robust and volatile area. Due to its demand
and its size of memory area which increase every time when newer technology
introduced into the circuit, to keep up with the demand. Finally, is the
desired performance level in the implementation the computational task in the computer
architecture. The performance in computer architecture is included the amount
of circuitry, space, the speed of execution and the amount of power dissipation
is required to perform a given task. In such case, the performance is highly
look into factor because of its need to perform the instruction that are input
in the system. So slower performance is not suitable for high end performance
of the program and may cause malfunction thus a high performance is preferred.
This are the issues that are in the computer architecture of signal processing.