In that the social media is givingIn that the social media is giving

In the past few years the
number of users on the social media has been escalated, especially teenagers.
Social networking is one of the easiest way to communicate all around the
world, it has become the most popular way of sharing information’s, data’s and
even news all around the world. But besides all these benefits that the social
media is giving you, there are a lot of consequences and even worst. I have
seen a lot in the news that was killed, raped, sexually and physically
assaulted, cyberbullying that can lead to suicides, a lot of teenagers are
suffering depression and damage in their brain that makes a lot of people to
choose a wrong decision and to end their lives. In this case we should be more careful
and should give more attention in terms of using your profile online.

Sharing your private
information can be a serious problem, people studies how to hack accounts and
make dummy accounts just to get your information. Social media doesn’t offer a
security for your privacy for their users. Every bit of information can be dangerous
because to make an account in social media you’ll have to give all your
information including your address, phone number and other personal information
that may cause you trouble. As I said earlier people studies to hack accounts
because that’s the way of their living they can easily get your information
that they expose online. Hackers usually targets business people because they
can use their information’s to make it more legitimate and authorized so that
us, users will be convinced enough, another thing is some teenagers are not
matured enough that they give all their information online that makes them the
target of the hackers. Cyber criminals will use all your information they know
about you to fraud and harm you, they just don’t post your information online
but also steal your identity. These types of people are patient when trying to
discover some offline identity. The more private and personal your information
is the devious they are. For you to be safe online you should know what and
will not post online, you should know your restrictions and you should think
before posting something online.

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Cyberbullying has taken
over our generation, in today’s society they think cyberbullying makes them
stronger and cooler than others. Cyberbullying is when a person intentionally
and persistently harm others in a form of threats. Based on a research it says
that victims of cyberbullying likely to choose to end their lives because for
them they think the bully will stop if they no longer exist which we should
give more attention a lot of the victims also suffer depression.  Suicide is something that isn’t even on your
vocabulary, ending your life will do nothing but just to hurt the ones who’s
looking after you. Just like what I indicate earlier, bullies’ targets teens.
Social Media is their way to use their strength or power to intimidate those
who thinks are weaker than them, that can cause a damage on the brain of the
victim. Social media is one of their weapon to harassed or to harm you, because
in social media you can choose to hide your identity and be anonymous, and
that’s their advantage, they threat people anonymously by calling names on the
victims. In my opinion, this type of behavior should be more a topic on the
news and give more attention to it because in today’s generation, even younger
people are capable of doing things you least expected. Families and friends
should always have a conversation or to talk about their relationship with
others for a daily basis, so that they wont have to keep their feelings by
themselves and wont suffer to depression that can lead to suicidal thoughts.
Cyberbullying is a serious problem that we should be more concerned about.

Last thing is a lot of
teenagers are killed through social medias.