In the major issues and the silenceIn the major issues and the silence

In my own personal opinion, I believe that child abuse is one of the major issues and the silence over this matter has to be broke. All culprits should be brought to justice and beheaded publicly to serve as a lesson for all future law breakers. In my own community, there are several cases of abuse that are still pending and the parents have tried their best to shun the cases up. An adolescent maid of 15 years got raped by a bureaucrat in his bedroom and the victim party refused to press charges in the fear of serious consequences such as threat to life of family members, forced occupation of their small piece of land and imprisonment of the maid’s brother and husband coupled with defaming the family name. The tales of police torture striked so much terror into them that the victim’s father did not even ask or apprehend the offender as to why he dared to touch his beloved daughter. Such is the fear that even though the whole community is well aware of the story, all are scared out of their wits to challenge the felon because he is an MPA with some powerful friends in the government and law enforcement agencies .The presence of cases like these constantly undermine and breed social crimes which go unpunished, leading to morally corrupt society. If we allow things to run like this, pretty soon our society will be morally bankrupt and no one will be safe. Women will be abused, children will shiver before going to schools and the fear of being raped and sexually abused will overshadow the day. This will greatly damage our economy and culture as children are the future of a nation and their dark pasts will make them unable them to carry out their duties in society. The lack of trust will create obstructions in relations with closed relatives. Not only this, Pakistan’s reputation will be greatly harmed internationally and the instances of sensual child abuse may spark concerns over Pakistan’s domestic policies and this in turn might bring economic sanction and trade barriers. If this problem is not solved globally, then an act of mitrust might persist between nations as paedophiles from other countries will abuse the children in a foreign country. We would be entering an age when virtues of goodwill will cease to exist as the generations will continue to exploit weak girls and boys. No one will be safe even in their homes and this would pave way for breakdown of law and order and increased human and drug-trafficking across national territories, weakening the global population internationally and this rampant disease of hatred and social malpractice might lead to unstable administrations, emerging riots, breakdown of law and order, civil disobedience eventually leading to fierce conflicts murdering millions in its wake   We need to ensure the safety of our children by ensuring confident talk on sensitive issues like child abuse. We need to encourage all awareness progammes that deal with this issue that harms the future and even the existence of our long -fought -for nation. The government needs to amend the constitution to prescribe more severe punishments to violaters of the Child Protection Act which is an amendemt to nthe Pakistan Penal Cod than the current seven year term in prison. Being a signatory of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Child(UNCRC), we have toimpose more effective laws so we are able to state some progress to the UN committee based in Geneva which evaluates progress every 5 years.We need to counter this growing threat through proper planning and execution of allchild welfare programmes. The education of child abuse must be introduced in the school curriculums as an effective way to raise awareness among the youth..Parents should  ensure that they are trustworthy and enjoy their child’s confidence in all matters of their life.the silence needs to be broken and instead of considerng thisnissue a taboo, we should hold more television programmes and talkshows to debate and discuss precautionary measures to reduce the appaling crime rates of sexual abuse of children. These measures should also include believing children who report abuse, ensuring victims receive respectful care from health providers, and making sure police respond in a way that protects victims instead of harming them further.  Globally, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)has been set up to improve safety and security online.INTERPOL has issued a Green notice to all countries   which shares  information on possible paedophiles and criminals based on police and intelligence. Project Childhood combines UNODC, World Vision and INTERPOL to address and combat the issue of child sexual exploitation and trafficking in the Greater Mekong region. Schemes like Safe Internet Day in Uk help counter this threat prevalentto our children online. Maintaining a prudish silence on such matters only leaves our children vulnerable to those who would perpetrate unspeakable acts of brutality against them.Child sex abuse is not inevitable. A strong public and government response can mean the difference between life and death for little ones who deserve our protection. The heavy burden of little coffins needs to end