In the members of the culture being

short Cultural Appropriation is a sociological concept which consists of
adopting different components from a certain culture by members of a different
culture. Unfortunately, the issue with this kind of behavior is that it can often
be portrayed as an insult to the members of the culture being violated.


those who don’t know, some of the victims of cultural appropriation include
African Americans, Asian people, Native Americans, and indigenous people. Black
music and break dancing, Native American fashions, and cultural symbols, Asian martial
arts and dressing style, all have been victim of cultural appropriation.

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of the common forms of racism during the 19th Century was The Blackface
concept, which has been used over the years to perpetuate humiliating stereotypes
of people of color.  This showed that
people who are not white are represented as “the other kinds” or “Lower class”.
 In reality, the true source of “Blackface”
all has to do about “Power”. The white were mocking the African Americans by
taking something important from them and using it for entertainment purposes. This
is sign of power by the white culture, as they showed that they had the right
to mock another culture without anyone calling them out.  Last but not least, blackface has been recently
used to target the Aboriginal people as well.


there is one thing that can never be done, is that you can’t
remove blackface from its history, regardless of your true intentions behind
doing it.  Because the fact of the matter
is, the negative effects of Blackface’s history
still impact many people’s lives today. Minstrel shows in
America would consist of white actors painting their faces black, only to make
fun and stereotype black people. Norm Sheehan stated that the blackface
movement began as a popular movement that made fun of black people leading up
to the American civil war.


the question still stands, should people have the right to copy someone else’s
ethnicity for a day and then let it go when they’re done?


fact of the matter is that for so many years the white culture has dominated
and controlled the people of color because they believed that they were the
most powerful out there, yet regardless
of a person’s intentions, using blackface or imitating any sort of culture can never
be seen as respectful since it will undoubtedly offend people.





of the very famous TV Disney characters that many of us have seen when we were
younger was Pocahontas. At a young age, watching Pocahontas on TV was mere
entertainment, yet, we never knew the true meaning behind the entire movie. As we
grew older and began to understand the real message the movie is trying to
send, we realize all the racist messages that are being sent across. One of the
messages consists of the idea that there are two types of Native Americans.  Firstly there’s the noble savage, and then
the violent savage. As I’m doing my research and going into depth in this
topic, I find it very offensive to the Native American people. Equally important
is that the movie changes the true story of Pocahontas. The movie shows that’s Pocahontas
disobeyed her father to see Captain John Smith, yet in reality when she was 18
she was captured by the British for over a year, then was baptized to Christianity
and was basically forced to marry the British colonist John Rolfe. The story
portrayed by Disney completely contradicts the reality of the matter, as it
fails to show the gruesome things the white population did to the people of

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