In the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO),In the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO),

In the past century, several legislations, enactments and articles have coalesced to forge the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The world today shields the individual to live a life where freedom and equality is enforced throughout all corners of the world. An issue has rose where this declaration is being neglected by North Korea and parts of Eastern Asia. Belgium, the pioneering country for every human’s rights and equality. A member of the UN Human Rights Council holds a significant role with these occuring issues. Belgium joined the United Nations since the founding year of 1945, and has been a strong keystone for the nations ever since. The capital of Belgium, Brussels holds the headquarters for both the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), creating the bridge between several nations. Belgium not only has a crucial role amongst nations but also has taken action for human rights during critical moments, when human rights were violated to the current refugees of the Middle East crisis, Belgium accepted over 18,000 of those fleeing from war. Belgium signed the 1951 Convention connecting to the Status of Refugees and the 1967 Protocol. Both of their laws cover for the granting of asylum for refugees, leading the government to have established a system for providing protection to refugees. Article 14 from the Declaration of Rights states that every individual has the “Right to Asylum in Other Countries from Persecution”. Belgium accepted more than 25 times more amount of refugees than Russia, considering the size of Belgium and its war-scarred locations. Belgium has been more than committed to preserving the human rights of everyone. North Korea being one of the prime threats towards Human Rights and their recent ongoing threats towards the world, especially USA, not only desolates the Declaration but can cause a full-scale war. USA being a NATO long-term ally with Belgium, if war is to break out, Belgium is ready to support any nation it is allied to, going against those who violate human rights. Resolutions are implemented and is developing further today. A major priority for Belgium is promoting and shielding the human rights.The promotion and protection of human rights is a essential for Belgium, at an international level where human rights are achievements and priorities that Belgium focus on today include:Abolishing the death penalty in 1996, being the first country in Western Europe to ban the death penalty from criminal law, the protection of the rights of women, children’s human rights, combating against every form of discrimination, including sexual orientation and impunity. Within these circumstances Belgium is one of the role-model representations of enforcing human rights. Not only does Belgium represent, but the country funds the fight for equal sexes, children’s protections and right to education. Contributing funds to the UN empowerment of women and providing 18.8 million euros towards the development, education and survival of children encompassing the world through UNICEF’s strategic plan. Belgium being a first world country has the ability to contribute to human rights and will continue to do so. Belgium will continue to reform and defend human rights on the global scale for every human’s rights and equality.