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In this day and age, customers have tools to locate and find what they need. They may not get what is best for them but at least they have options to find out what is out there with click of a button. Smart devices have further made it simpler to locate services and options with variety of mobile apps.Small business owners try their best to retain the priority in customer’s preference and loyalty, but customers have the freedom to choose anyone else over them. Today’s small businesses need tools which constantly remind the customer of their business existence, and value their business can add by providing product and services that customers need.We identified 10 specific challenges that today’s small and medium businesses face in reminding and motivating customer to utilize their services and solution to not only these challenges, but also to grow and thrive in crowded marketplace.Often times even if customers are loyal, they somehow do not find the contact information or way to reach your business when they need your services. That is one big way businesses lose their solves this very problem by giving power to your customers to reach you with an easy to remember, memorable phone number. The easy recall premium toll free vanity phone number is sure way to impress your customer and be in their reach when they need you.Most of our numbers are complete authoritative statements which begin with THIS IS, THIS or THINK it makes it easy for anyone to remember you as it is very difficult to not know you with phone numbers like THIS IS CHEF, THIS IS SALE, THIS IS SHOP, THIS IS GIFT, THIS IS RENT, THIS HELPER, THIS BARBER, THIS GOLFER, THIS RENTER, THINK DUCTS, THINK VEGGI, THINK LENDER etc. Licensing and promoting these numbers is a sure way to increase your leads, in-bound calls and salesOnce you acquired your customer, you try retaining them with your business cards, sending out mailings, emails and giving away promotional material to prompt customers to remember your business. Lately every business is doing this, and your business standing out in that crowd is less of a chance.Because your customer knows your number and can reach you any time with easy memorable number, do you think you have upper hand over other businesses that are passing out bags, pens, and other promotional items? Think again, your customers often times do not even refer to those promotional items, cards, calendars, emails etc. Customer take the path of least resistance, they always do what is easy and that is to call your easy memorable, effort less phone number let’s say THIS IS GAME, THIS IS SHOP. That is it. By the way we have over 3500+ unique memorable Premium Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers, some of them are bound to fit your unique need and business. Contact us if you need help in searching and finding the best possible numbers for your business.Customers rely on reviews to great extent, but these reviews sometimes are not real, many businesses sometime boast about their services and pay people to write reviews, customers have started realizing this fact and they are very cautious of reviews, unless reviews are from someone they trust.The customer looks at reviews when there is no reliable trusted business to call or connect with. With super easy phone number your customers connect with you before they go check reviews for your or other businesses. When they call your phone number with keyword or extension, you can send them an instant thank you coupon or SMS/text or anything else you can fit in a SMS message on their mobile phone, this instant coupon gives your customer more incentive to do business with you rather with anyone else.Customers do check mobile apps and service sites where they find businesses that fulfill what customer needs. For this to happen and your business to be selected by the customer, you need to have your mobile app, built and maintained by someone, and/or be on those paid sites, with your business details and more than that your business has to stand out in the crowd of other businesses vying for customer’s attention. There are several factors that customers may look at before they call you, but it is lengthy process.If you have advertised easy recall, related to your trade or expertise that customers need, customers are more than likely give you a call or text you first. All you need is a call from your customer and it’s up to you how to handle the sales process from there on.With Premium Toll Free Vanity you only pay for monthly subscription to use our awesome services that include toll free and super easy memorable phone numbers, in bound calling, SMS/Text messages, Email Marketing with complete tracking of each call, SMS/Text and Email. You do not have to pay anything to receive any number for leads during your subscription of the number with our service.