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In recent decades, the arctic has undergone serious change; averaging a 13.2% decline in arctic sea ice area per decade. The melting of Greenland’s ice sheet, other Arctic ice caps, and subsequent warming of the earth will contribute progressively to the rise of global sea levels.  This change threatens the safety and security of many counties, especially members of the Arctic Council.   It is the firm objective of The Kingdom of Denmark that the Arctic region must be developed in order to promote sustainable growth. The Kingdom holds that The Arctic environment must be managed in accordance to preeminent scientific knowledge and standards for protection in consideration of international cooperation and support in this endeavour. It is essential to ensure monitoring and studying of the environmental impacts to the Arctic ecosystem and biodiversity. Proactive and preventative steps must also be taken to hamper adverse effects of pollution in the Arctic. This will ensure the best possible foundation for sustainable utilisation and protection of the Arctic environment. Denmark posses ambitious environmental policies, aiming to reduce air pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases. As a leader in sustainable and renewable energy sources, Denmark is committed to supporting renewable energy sources, as opposed to harmful fossil fuels, coal and gas based energy. Denmark encourages the use of renewable energy to power the emerging industry for all countries and specifically works to support these developments in Greenland and the faroe islands. Denmark has already partnered with an American company to run an aluminum smelting plant solely on hydropower. Denmark Arctic policy acts foremost for the Arctic’s inhabitants, especially ensuring ensuring that the principles of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples from 2007 are observed. Greenland and Denmark cooperation with indigenous peoples originated in 1973 when the Arctic Peoples’ Conference at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen.