In without warning, the crew may have


In its two hundred and twenty eight years of existence, the country of
America has seen many tragedies and failures. However, in the eyes of many, the
worst of these tragedies was by far The Challenger Disaster of 1986. On January
26, the world was shocked as everyone watched the Challenger shuttle explode,
killing all seven crew-members. This happened due to a design flaw in shuttle’s
solid rocket booster and
disintegration of an O-ring on its right solid rocket booster (Light hall,
1991). Challenger itself did not explode, but various structural failures
caused the orbiter to break apart. Although the Challenger disintegrated almost
without warning, the crew may have briefly been aware that something was wrong.  The
disaster of The Challenger was triggered by a chain reaction, the O-ring,
on the shuttle’s right solid rocket booster had failed at liftoff, which lead
to pressurized hydrogen gas to escape
from inside the booster. This vaporized material impacted on the connection of
the solid rocket booster to the shuttle’s huge orange external tank, causing
both pieces of hardware to break down, and 73 seconds after take-off when
liquid hydrogen opposed compressed liquid oxygen, a visible explosion occurred.


            After the accident,
NASA refrained from sending astronauts into space for more than two years as it
redesigned a number of the shuttle’s features. The Disaster was a not to be
accused on one person, but rather was a team downfall. Had NASA held
self-integrity, and had not forced ‘The Challenger’ to depart that day, the
disaster might not have occurred. The decision to launch the Challenger Shuttle
and its subsequent destruction had a major effect on society and the management
of our space program. Challenger’s unique mission and the death of Christa
McAuliffe (as
the first civilian working as a teacher in space) opened the
door for discussion and research on how managers use Decision Support System (DSS)
to make decisions that will affect public trust. 

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