Indonesia been applied about last August 2016.Indonesia been applied about last August 2016.

Indonesia is one of the heaviest
traffic jammed country in the world. There are many cities that have jammed
in Indonesia, such as Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, Malang, Bali and of course the
capital city in Indonesia Jakarta the biggest jammed in Indonesia. To overcome
this situation, government had already set the many law and action, but still
the jammed in Jakarta spread until the border area. The last law that
government applied is odd and even plate
numbers. In my opinion that was not a right solution. Why? Because the law
trouble us to go anywhere, waste time, the government also has not done yet the
proper public transportation for us, and we do not have many polices to
watching the driver with the wrong plates. So I disagree with this solution.

First of all, I want to tell you
what odd and even plate numbers law is. Odd and even number is the law that
government applied to car, that every car that get through the way with this
law and the number of their plate number does not sync with the dates. Here the
example, if today is the 5th of August, which is the date is odd
number, then the car that cross the way must odd number plates. And it also for
the even numbers. From the Chief of Transportation DKI Jakarta, “the comparison
of odd car numbers and even car numbers are relative same, it is about 49,5 % :
50,5 %.” (NISSAN.
2017. ). But there are still many motorcycle that causes the
jammed in Jakarta. Budiyanto said, “There are other exception vehicle that does
not have any effect for this law, President car, Vice President, Ambulances,
The High Officer, The car with yellow plates, etc.” (Amelia, Mei. 2016. ). The law has been applied about last August 2016.

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Now I will tell you why the rule
trouble us to travel to other places. If you are from border area, like Bekasi,
Depok, and Tanggerang and you want to go to work or school in Jakarta then you
must get up so early like 4 am every work day. You have to go early to avoid
the jammed but there still minim public transportation. So you must have
private vehicle. If you go with motorcycle everyday than it will make your
lungs sick because the wind blow. Even you have to go back home at
evening.  From the article, “if you go
with your motorcycle and the wind goes through your body everyday will cause
your lungs to wet.” (Anindyaputri, Irene. 2017. ). Then you if you have enough money buy the car. The
car is not expensive than your medical action to your sick lungs. You can just
have one plate either it’s odd or even number. So it’s so complicated.

Then you do not have enough time to
catch up the public transportation in time. If you can then there is no
comfortable for you to enjoy your trip. It is because there are many people
that flood area of public transportation. Let’s called it train. You have to
catch up the train in morning, you must get up so early in the morning and you
do loop it forever until you grow old.

How about the public
transportation? If Indonesia have good public transportation then there will be
no even odd plate number rule. There are still minim public transportations that
available, train, angkot, taxi,
ojek, bus, and damri.
We have minim access to use train, especially on other area except Jakarta. In
Jakarta the train just roll on the surfaces, there are no monorail train or
subway train. The MRT has not done yet and the construction is disturb us to
cross over. The construction also make the traffic jammed higher. If you ride
the angkot or kopaja, there is still high
crime in them. Many robbers, sexual offender, and riot that causes troublesome
for us. How about online vehicle, like online taxi, online car, online
motorcycle and so on? Yeah everyone use it, but the cost still make your wallet
want to cry. Just consider the trip is about 10 km then we use online car about
20.000 Rupiah until 30.000 rupiah. We multiply it for 25 days of workdays. Just
skip it if you confused.

Police? I think they do what they
must do, but our officer is not enough to watching thousand cars every minutes
that cross the way. They can
not check all of the car every minutes. It cause some bad driver to
break the odd even plate number rule. “From 28 November – 2 December 2016 there
are 155 bad driver that break the rule.”, said Budiyanto. (Nayazri, Ghulam
Muhamad. 2016. MRP4 So which means the rule has not effective and the driver
does not pay the attention to the rule. If the police officer does the
ticketing for the other driver, it will cause the jammed more than before. How
many car that have to stop and park in police area. So it so crowded.

So from the fact and opinion that I
told you, the rule of odd and even plate numbers is not efficient for us.
People not afraid to the law and there is not enough public transportation to
replace the vehicle that we used. The government must banned this rule and move
forward to other rule. If government rise the money for public transportation,
I think the traffic jammed in Jakarta will reduce. The fastest of construction
the fastest solution we get. The odd and even number rule had caused us some
troublesome. Many people has to suffer to go to work, to go to school, and meet
their friend or family. Let’s build a better Jakarta that does not have to
sacrifice your privacy and your time. Because the time is money. Let’s consider
the people who live in border area because they don’t have a places to stay in
Jakarta. Peace.