Information from 2015 to 2016. As the

Information technology has been in existence for
the same duration that people have occupied the earth. Technology has always
been around, because humans were always in need of communicating via the
available technology. For example, the earliest forms of technology were
picture drawings carved on rocks for human communication which eventually
evolved to a more sophisticated form of technology the alphabet. Consequently,
from human necessity, more technology was created, like pens, paper, books, and
ultimately a number system was created. Moreover, once the number system was
created, humans needed ways in which to calculate these numbers, and thus the
first form of processing information developed. With immeasurable effect,
technology continues to improve every aspect of the human experience. As
technology continues to evolve, we can expect to witness more technological
innovation, and the unwavering need for more advanced technological

According to CompTIA’s Cyberstates, “more than 25
million U.S. workers can be characterized as tech sector, tech occupation, or
tech knowledge workers”. In addition, the average tech sector annual wage is
double the national average annual wage for 2016 which exemplifies the demand
for more tech professionals. These metrics, are indicative of how important it
will be for the average U.S. citizen to have strong technical skills if they
intend to remain relevant in this new rapidly growing technical landscape. It
is also reported, that the U.S. tech sector employment grew an estimated 2.7
percent from 2015 to 2016. As the tech revolution continues to grow, and artificial intelligence, automation, and cloud-based
applications become more prevalent, the demand for more developers will
increase exponentially. IT Jobs in 2020
-A Leaders Guide, reports that 7.1 million jobs
could be lost with the lion share of these losses in white-collar office and
administrative roles, but this job loss would be offset by the creation of 2.1
million new jobs. The article also goes on to report, that information
communication technology employment demand will be positive thus creating “hard-to-recruit
specialist occupations with simul­taneous skills instability across many
existing roles” resulting in a technical skill void. These findings clearly support
the notion that the more traditional jobs will be replaced by artificial
intelligence, and automation which will ultimately compel workers who choose to
stay competitive to develop advanced skills. Furthermore, the report also
predicts that technical skilled jobs will continue to grow over the next decade
making lower skilled workers more obsolete.

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As more companies implement artificial
intelligence, and automation methodology, the demand for more information
security analysts will also increase so that companies can secure their
information assets. While these advancements have tremendously improved the
quality of life, much responsibility is required to keep the abundance of
information secure. Both reports solidify my personal inclination that for most
working American citizens, learning to write code will become essential for any
semblance of job security thus making them equipped for the new workforce. The
future holds many exciting technological innovations that will continue to
change life as we know it, but it is important that we be vigilant of the many
ways our evolution can be harmful to life’s existence. Technology has impacted
human life since the beginning of time and will continue to have enormous
effects, but it is incumbent upon us to not misuse this new technology.




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