Information information can be shared and communicationInformation information can be shared and communication

Information sharing is
crucial during any natural disaster occurrences, such as tsunamis, earthquakes,
floods, hurricanes, typhoons, and drought, as it can help alleviate stress,
provide vital information needed in order to manage the natural disaster and
also to provide social support among those affected by the natural disaster.
Currently, social media is considered worldwide, as an efficient and near
real-time communication channel used to share information during the times of
natural disaster (Paladin,2015). In addition, several studies have considered
the role of social media as an alternative tool to manage natural disaster, by
sharing and disseminating information about natural disaster (Cho &
Park,2013; Mersham,2010).

Over the past 25 years,
natural disasters have been increasing steadily (Ker Tan,2005) and these raise
a number of questions, including how the tasks of evacuating affected people,
locating and delivering available resources to the victims, as well as
generating relevant information and distributing it to appropriate parties can
be done in a timely manner. Another question is how information can be shared
and communication can be coordinated systematically during the times of

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While several researches
believe awareness campaign and conventional telecommunication methods to be
accurate in natural disaster management, a close examination demonstrates the
method to be flawed. These researches have not addressed how effective the
above methods are. How can government agencies afford to organise a holistic
awareness campaign throughout the country and is conventional telecommunication
fully reliable to manage a natural disaster? Our present research argue the
methods discussed in the above researches.

This paper describes a
study conducted between October 2017 and January 2018. The outcome of the study
suggests use of social media as a method to manage natural disaster
effectively. The specific outcomes of the study suggest the role or use of
social media in the management of before, during and after the occurrence of
natural disaster. The rest of this paper is organized as follows. The next
section discusses use of social media before a potential occurrence of a
natural disaster. The following section then discusses the role of social media
during a natural disaster, followed by the discussion of the use of social
media after a natural disaster. The paper ends with some concluding remarks.