Institute and quality of practice (McSherry 2004).Institute and quality of practice (McSherry 2004).

Institute of medicine IOM (2004) defines patient safety is the prevention of harm caused by errors of commissions and omissions. An error of commission is the action that leads to patient harm and an error of omission is doing the task incorrectly. The quality of patient care is defined as  promoting, implementing and evaluating standards and quality of practice (McSherry 2004). Quality care is safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient and equitable thus safety is the foundation upon which all other aspects of quality care are built (IOM 2001). The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined quality in healthcare into six dimensions. These dimensions require health systems to be well-organized, efficient, available, patient centered, fair and most importantly safe (WHO 2006). Risk management includes the processes concerned with risk management planning, identification, analysis, response, monitoring, and control. The aim is to increase the probabilities and impacts of positive events and to decrease the probabilities and impacts related to adverse events. Risk management has been adopted to cover all healthcare risks, both clinical and non clinical ones. (Cagliano_et_al_SS_2011)

This assignment will critically discuss a quality project  on the topic “The Productive Operation Theatre” also known as the TPOT, which was implemented  in two operating rooms in one of the largest teaching hospitals in Ireland. The Productive Operating Theatre (TPOT) programme was introduced to our unit to improve the safety of care, team performance and staff wellbeing. The assignment will further focus specifically on how the project improved the quality of care. The assignment will also address on quality and Patient safety and risk management. The quality initiative implementation will be justified through relevant health policy and research. A discussion of how the initiative was planned and implemented, will be presented using quality tools and techniques.  A clear direction will be given regarding obstacles to introducing this initiative, the measures taken to reduce resistance to change.

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