Interacting year project titled Cryptocurrency Mining usingInteracting year project titled Cryptocurrency Mining using

Interacting with computers has been my passion ever since I was a young kid. I will not lie – I was initially drawn to them because I fancied computer games and MS Paint. However, the more I operated with computers, the more I began to appreciate understanding how they work,, discovering just how much they can do and the limitless potential they hold. Before long, I was spending hours fiddling with Control Panel tools and exploring system folders. My love for computers grew even more when I got exposed to programming. I recall the elation and overwhelming sense of achievement I felt when I first wrote my own program, and realised then that I truly have the capability to make computers do almost anything imaginable, settling the field of computing vastly apart from other fields. Currently I am enrolled in an Internship at a global web and mobile app development company. Among the various projects that I have developed in my Undergraduate studies includes a web portal for event management that enables a user to view and create various events.Creating web-pages has shown me an area where my creativity would best express itself. I also developed an object finder, that operated on bluetooth technology, which when connected to an Android Application can help locate the object.  I am currently working on my final year project titled Cryptocurrency Mining using AWS which aims to mine the decentralised currency. Using complex algorithms enabled me to find the quickest route to a solution and, at the same time, has changed the way I see competition. Working on such projects has provided me a deeper insight to the real-life programming experience and has boosted by logical thinking. I have been involved in multitude of co-curricular and extra curricular activities both within and outside school. I have organised and hosted various National and International level conferences as the IEEE Computer Society India Council SAC Vice Chairperson. I have also organised various computer field-oriented workshops and seminars serving as the Chairperson of the IEEE Student Branch in college. Hosting these workshops allowed me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and enhance my grasp on the subject matter. Moreover, I was also able to extend my leadership abilities. I have led a team of 35 volunteers across the country and launched a volume of Newsletter. Taking into account the various contributions to IEEE and IEEE Computer Society bagged me the prestigious Richard E. Merwin Scholarship of $1000. My inclination towards sports goes way back. I started playing tennis at the age of 7 and have been playing ever since. I have 5 National titles and 12 State Ranking titles to my name till date. Sports has taught me patience and perseverance. Playing National tournaments at a tender age tested my time management skills in order to balance academics as well. I am a conscientious, sensitive and committed student and am confident that I have the qualities and skills to succeed at university. I look forward to the challenge of a demanding degree course, and to the opportunity to play a significant role in university life.