Interview elementary school near me, with childrenInterview elementary school near me, with children

Interview Questions for Camp Counselor PositionHow do you handle stressful situations?Remain calm and figure out a solutionMake lists and keep thoughts organizedRemember to stay focusedAre you a team player?Absolutely. I tend to try and lead as much as is necessaryI enjoy working with others to come up with new ideas and help each other improveIf you attended camp as a child, what were your likes and dislikes?Having the opportunity to try new things and learn more about the people and the activities/world around meI was able to make new friends and discover likes and dislikes What age groups do you tend to work with the most?I have babysat for kids aged 4-11, and I am frequently working in and around the elementary school near me, with children in that same age rangeWhat is an example of a time that you had to deal with a particularly difficult child?There have been many times when babysitting that I have encountered different conflicts, especially among siblingsOnce, they were all upset about what game was going to be played, so I gave two options: either we play a game that we can all agree on, or we don’t play at allThey decided to play a game but they didn’t know what to do, so I suggested that we take turns playing different games, spending a little bit of time on each gameHow would you deal with a camper who didn’t want to participate in an activity?Unless they were being disruptive, rude, or they were trying to leave, I would let them sit out for a while, while trying to encourage them to join at different intervals throughout the activity, leaving an opportunity for them to join at any pointIf they were being disruptive, I would ask them to sit out, and I would take away an activity they wanted to do until they agreed to be cooperativeGive me the top three things you need to be a good camp counselor. Patience, teamwork, empathyGive an example of how you lead a group, in work or at school.In class projects, I often find myself trying to take the leadI organize time and schedules, and work to ensure that everything that needs to get done gets done, trying to include everyone as much as possibleWhy did you choose to interview for this camp?This camp has been one of my favorite experiences, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the Western Why would you be a good fit for our camp?I have tons of experience surrounding camps, and I can bring my knowledge and ideas to this campI am passionate about STEM and I wish to share that passion with those younger than meI am a hardworking, positive person, and I be a great contributor to this camp