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In the month of June 2017, I had carried
out a routine Health and Safety Inspection at the company called Metrix Construction
Company, Maharashtra. It was carried out with the help of the site supervisor,
Mr. Vivek Menon and few worker representatives who assisted me for the
inspection. The Health and safety inspection which was conducted was majorly
focusing on the identification of ill health in the work place. It was to
ensure workers comply with health and safety laws and to ensure better work
environment. The aim of the inspection was to identify and reduce health

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The establishment of Metrix Construction Company
was in the year of 1978, where at the time of establishment it was a local
construction company with the workforce below 100 and later on it evolved into
a multi-faceted company of more than 1500 workers. Metrix Construction company
is situated near Mahabaleshwar. The company aims at being the best in involving
with the civil construction projects to ensure top notch infrastructural
output. As it is important for any economy to improve its development through
the betterment of its infrastructure, this company focuses on being a part of


The Metrix construction Company contains various
disciplines such as civil, structural, mechanical, electrical engineering, instrumentation.
The company majorly works on irrigation projects, multi-stored buildings,
transport networks, drainage, structural steel works, refinery expansion
projects. The activities undertaken by this company includes planning,
designing, construction and maintenance of the structure throughout its
lifecycle. Metrix construction Company stands out among other companies because
of its adaptation on green space. It primarily includes social green space in
construction projects. It aims at improving the community’s sense of wellbeing.


As all construction company, Metrix
Constructions uses equipments like cement mixers, mobile concrete mixer, pan
mixer, needle vibrator, batching plant machine, crushing machine, earth
compactor, electric winch, crushing plant, suspended scaffolds. From the Health
and safety check, it was found that the workers use various personal protection
equipments like restraint system while working at a height. They use full body
harness for protection and also respiratory equipments for the better intake of
oxygen in the polluted areas.


The Health and Safety Inspection were
executed in the construction site and its premises. It was carried out with the
help of its worker representatives who gave their full assistances towards
fulfilling the Health and Safety Inspection procedure. The awareness on the
importance of Health and Safety Inspection was communicated well within the
company so as to improve their work environment. It helped a lot in completing
the inspection within a given time frame.

The observations of the inspection were
recorded and analysed. The required measures to reduce and eliminate the
workspace health hazards were identified and taken care of. Those are pointed
out in the observation statement below.