Introduction coordination ,prepares games to make quick


The project we have undertaken is on online games.
What is an online game? Online game is basically a video game played primarily
using internet or any other computer aided network. There are various modern
gaming platforms on which online games can be played which include PCs,
laptops, consoles, mobile devices etc. Different Genres of online games are
available such as first person shooters(FPS) where multiple players battle each
other head to head. Popular FPS games include Counterstrike, Call of duty,
Halo, Quake live etc. Real time strategy games which allows players to play
over modem or local network. Popular strategy games include Age of empire, Star
crafts etc. Massively multiplayer online games (MMO) which allow hundreds of
thousands of players to play the same game together.

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Online gaming is a prime source of earning revenues
for the gaming industry.  Online games downloading follows two model,
Freemium model wherein one can download games for free but will have to spend
money to purchase additional features,services or virtual goods; and paid model
whein one has to purchase the game in order to download it. Online gaming
market currently stands at USD 290 million, and is poised to grow to USD one
billion by 2021 showing a vast potential of revenue generation for gaming
industry. According to AppAnnie research , top three downloaded online games from
feb 2016-feb 2017 were subway surfers( 19 million downloads),candy crush
saga(18.5 million) and temple run( 17 million) in both freemium as well as paid

According to
research there are some positive as well as negative effects of playing online
games. According to research conducted by psychologists, gaming improves
cognitive functions , strengthening the neural circuits that build the brain,
Improves hand and eye coordination ,prepares games to make quick and accurate
thinking, improves   decision making skills (25% faster than the
ones who dont play video games according to research), multiplayer games helps
in improving teamwork.

effects include  increase in the
aggressive behavior especially among those playing FPS games, social isolation
due to gaming addiction,teaches wrong values where teens tend to pick up bad
language, content while playing online games, poor academic performance due to
inability to concentrate on studies due to gamming addiction, health disorder
due to continuous playing of games leading to obesity,sleep
deprevation,skeletal and posture disorders etc.



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