Introduction disadvantages of GM-product. “Genetic engineering mayIntroduction disadvantages of GM-product. “Genetic engineering may

Introduction        Lack of food and cancer are two of the biggest problems in the world right now and in the future. GM-product might be the solution of these two problems. There are not only benefits but also disadvantages about Genetic Engineering. GM-product can solve a lot of problem including the lack of food, lack of resource, cancer and other problems, but there will also be disadvantages like dangerous, unhealthy, and other problems. There will be about 9 billion people in the next few decade. The food today is enough for the about 7 billion people, but still there are about one billion people starving today because of many different reason like poverty1. Also there are 22 Million people die because of different cancer since 2012. 2 GM-product might be the best solution of these two problems and might not be the best solution and this essay is going to tell you about both side of this issue.Main body part 1        One of the reason that people will argue that GM-product is the best solution of this issue is because the food will not be enough for all of the people in the future. On the other side people will argue that because there are about 1.3 billion tonnes of food been wasted every year3. food that have been waste, so we should solve the problem of unequal distribution of food instead of making more food. Some people will said that GM-product is danger and unhealthy, but other said there are no evidence to prove that GM food and GM animal is worse than non-GM food4. In some cases GM-product is even more healthy than, but in other cases GM product are dangerous. For instance, there are a product called Allergy-free milk and there will be less ?-lactoglobulin, which some people will be allergy to, and more casein, which is good for human body.5 Not only there are benefits, but also there are a lot of disadvantages of GM-product. “Genetic engineering may provoke increased allergies to soy”6 New type of GM-product might cause dangerous allergy or even killed people and because this will be a new type of allergy, so there won’t be any care for the allergy. There are Human studies to prove that GM-food is unhealthy. “for example, can transfer into the DNA of bacteria living inside us, and that the toxic insecticide produced by GM corn was found in the blood of pregnant women and their unborn fetuses.”7 Form this we can know GM-product is not alway healthy.Main body Part 2        Cancer is another biggest problem on the global right now. There are 22 Million people die because of different cancer since 2012. 2 Genetic Engineering is a possible solution of this problem. “Doctors in London say they have cured two babies of leukemia in the world’s first attempt to treat cancer with genetically engineered immune cells from a donor.” 8 Some people will said this is an evidence to said that there are technology to cure people save people from cancer, but other said this is just the first attempt and the technology is not complete. CRISPR-Cas9 is a technology that allow people to add, remove, or alter genetic material. 9 People said that this is the best solution of cancer, but other disagree because this technology is not perfect and this might be accident. 10 CRISPR-Cas9 might save people, but also might hurt or even killed people.Conclusion        In Conclusion Genetic Engineering is still a debatable topic. Many people think this is a very good thing, but other don’t think the same way, but I personally think that the benefits of Genetic Engineeringwill be larger than the disadvantages of the Genetic Engineering. Although there are benefits and disadvantages about Genetic Engineering, but benefits like GM-product and CRISPR-Cas9 can save a lot of human lifes.