Introduction full of responsibilities and sometimes itIntroduction full of responsibilities and sometimes it


Teaching is a job that is full of responsibilities
and sometimes it is frustrating where teachers between now and then face some
obstacles throughout the journey, however, it is full of exciting adventures
and it has its own joy.  Therefore, throughout
my teaching experiences that I have been through as a student-teacher, it gave
me an insight of what teaching is, where it lead me into thinking of what my
teaching philosophy should be about. 

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I strongly believe that besides being a teacher
who does her responsibilities as a facilitator who provides resources and knowledge
for students, creating a safe and comfortable and friendly classroom
environment is important as it will give students opportunities to learn from
each other and feel welcomed in their classroom.


Teaching Philosophy

To create a safe classroom environment
for the students, I must organize the classroom well for the students, as they
need to feel safe and secure to feel like participating in the lesson.  First of all, I must make sure whether the classroom
is a clean and encouraging place to learn in. 
Thus, I need to make sure that classroom rules or routines must include
clean-up time, where the students will be given two minutes to clean up before
and after the lesson to keep the classroom an appropriate place to learn in.  For example, there was a time in teaching
practicum, where I had to teach a lesson where the classroom was not clean,
where there were scraps of papers all over the floor, and I needed to take two
minutes off before starting the lesson with asking the students to clean-up
their class.


Providing proper materials that are
required inside the classroom for the lessons that are going to be used
in.  For example, there was a time during
teaching practice where I wanted the students to do an activity using their
small whiteboard, but some of them did not have one, after that I always
brought with me extra boards so that they can use it when they forgot bringing
theirs.  In addition, materials and
resources must be suitable for the learner’s age where they meet their needs.


Having a well-organized classroom is an
element of a safe classroom environment.  I need to organize my classroom according to
the physical space, where it will be easier for the students to move around
without getting injured, as students’ safety inside the classroom is the
teacher’s responsibility, where she will be accountable if the students got
hurt.  The reason for why I mentioned ‘having a comfortable
classroom environment’ because during my last teaching practice the classroom
did not feel comfortable, as it was not spacious enough and it was hard to walk
around between the students, where they were sitting in groups that are gathered
in one area of the classroom.


Having a comfortable and friendly classroom environment
is important to help students feel comfortable and welcomed in their classroom.  So, at the beginning of our first meeting, I want
the students to tell a little bit about themselves, at the same time I will get
to know each student’s name and know what their interests are.  In addition, it will help students who are shy
or they are not a social butterfly, will gain friends knowing they have the
same interests as themselves.  As a
result, this would benefit both, the teacher and the students, as building a
good relationship between students and the teacher or between the students
themselves, will make it easier to communicate and their communication skills
will improve through it, where a time will come where the students need to do
an activity by pairs or even by groups, so there must be a sense of cooperative
learning inside the classroom. 



During the previous teaching practicum that I have been
doing in the last three years and a half, there are some areas that I have developed
in throughout my experiences for the past three years, and there are areas that
I am still progressing to improving them. 
Overall, being able to manage a classroom, support teachers with ensuring
to have a safe classroom environment where it is suitable for students to learn
in it.