Introduction is impactful With this development ofIntroduction is impactful With this development of


The purpose of this report is to introduce the use of a
new development  prototype of an
electronic nose that can help to detect colon diseases such as Crohn’s disease
and ulcerative colitis.

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of latest Development

The prototype device is called Moosy 32 eNose. This
device is able to detect if the disease (Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative clitis)
is active with the accuracy close to 90 percent. According to the researcher,
this equipment is suitable for digestive system specialist whom deter the stat
of the patient via a simple, 3 minute stool analysis compared to an invasive

It is common to use invasive test to diagnose and
evaluate inflammatory activity such as colon related diseases such as Crohn’s
Disease or Ulcerative clitis classified as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). The
use of non-invasive test  the prototype(Moosy
32 eNose), is able to diagnose people with the illness easily. It is believed
that there are as many as 200000 people currently suffer from these illnesses
overseas. The sensor uses the detection of volatile organic compounds that act
as diagnostic markers or to reveal the intensity level fo the disease’s
activity. Faeces are created physiological process of human metabolism that is
expelled as waste which creates volatile organic compounds. With the use of
electronic nose, the concentration of these components can be a differentiating
marker between certain bowel diseases, with its accurate detection. The
researchers have performed tests with 445 samples and obtained positive
results. However, the researchers would 
continue to improve the detection algorithms so that this devices can be
used in other purpose such as detecting prostate cancer, microbial
contamination of water or determining the maturity level of fruits.

why this is impactful

With this development of electronic nose, this device is
able to diagnose people more efficiently as compared to the convention invasive
test. The convention invasive test requires longer time to determine the colon diseases.
For example, in order to diagnose Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, Blood
samples and X-rays are required. Whereas for non-invasive test (electronic
nose), it just required 3 minute stool analysis. This development could be
reapplied to the fragrance industry with the use of electronic nose. To ensure
the quality of the perfume upon production, lab analyst are required to odor
grade the perfume to ensure the fragrance match the perfume standard. Instead
of having the lab analyst to smell the perfume, the electronic nose can be
used. Perfume is created by using many different  types of perfume raw material together. The
raw material can be synthetic which are chemically made which is harmful to
humans. Therefore, the use of electronic nose definitely helps lab analyst to
determine the quality of perfume.


The development of electronic nose is beneficial to the medical
industry as it able to diagnose colon diseases in just 3 minute which enable
the doctor to take appropriate actions immediately to treat the patient.
Furthermore, it can be useful to the fragrance industry.