Introduction: It is a common ingredient inIntroduction: It is a common ingredient in

Introduction: Air and atmospheres have been around for much longer than any life forms and are here to stay for a very long time. Air is a mixture of gases comprising the earths atmosphere. It is a common misconception that air is its own gas. Air is not a gas, it is a mixture of multiple gases. Air mainly consists of two gases, oxygen and nitrogen. Air is invisible and odorless. On some other planets the atmosphere is different and may consist of different gases. The composition of air does matter, since if the composition of air was different on earth there may not be life.

Body: Air mainly consists of three gases, Nitrogen 78.08%, Oxygen 20.95% and Argon 0.93%. There are another 8 gases in air which have much smaller percentages in the composition of air. Nitrogen, oxygen and argon are the three elements that are in the composition of air.

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Oxygen is used every day. It is what let’s us live. We breath out carbon dioxide, and plants breath in the carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen for us to live. Nitrogen can be used to make Ammonia. Ammonia is used for fertilizer, explosives, nitric acid and other materials. Argon can be used for lighting and other tasks such as welding. 

Methane (CH4) is important because it is a greenhouse gas. It is a common ingredient in industrial usage. It is also a common ingredient in industries that work with plastic, stone, oil etc. Since it is a greenhouse gas, it affects the temperature and the climate on earth. Methane is 25 times more potent at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. This means that it is one of the important ways that earth stays warm. Although it has a very small percentage of 0.0002% it is one of the gases that can be found in the
composition of air. It also has harmful affects to earth. If methane is released into the air, it can heat up the earths atmosphere making it one of the major causes of global warming. Two properties of methane are, it’s boiling point, which is -258.7 °F and it’s melting point which is at -296.5 °F. 

Conclusion: In conclusion, life on earth would be very different if the earths air and its atmosphere were composed the way it is and if the properties were different.