Introduction now. The present work-place is basedIntroduction now. The present work-place is based


Recently, the
developers and investors are conscious of the benefits of retaining current
customers, which are essential leading to the success of shopping center
development. The effective marketing plan can draw more people and repeated
customers to visit the 5 shopping arcade again and as a consequence enhance the
sales revenue to the tenants and achieve stable and high rental income to the
investors. Therefore, the developers are willing to put more financial and
manpower resources to implement marketing strategy so as to enhance the
attractiveness of the arcade and build up a good relationship with customers.
There has been a shift in the market demand in today’s world. Technology is one of the Major factors which are responsible for thisexample group,
time of
work in the mark. New living-stage people are no more dependent on hate market and far off of
divisionsstores. Today we can see a new time in market with the opening up of many of
divisions stores, in over-great degree market, shoppers stop, malls, trade-marked do
trade with general public out-lets and work for which a person
is noted stores. In today earth getting things at
store is not any more trouble-giving work rather it’s a pleasing outing surprising
event now. The present work-place is based on force
of meeting
blow of promotional activities on user behavior at getting
things at store malls. Getting things at
store mallsis a new sort of market which came into existence in India since 1994. It is a sort of market where different kind of products are ready
(to be
used) under one roof. My work-place is on coming
to a decision about the customers giving money
for behavior of customer’s in getting things at
store malls and the pleasure level of customers in getting
things at store malls. My work-place will get out the currentposition of getting
things at store malls and come to a decision
about where it stands in the current market. This market field take
views of will help in having knowledge
of the present customers tastes and desires. It will help me in putting
a value on the customers future needs, wants. Shopping
malls are increasingly using promotional activities to differentiate the mall
from competitors through image / brand communication, to increase traffic
(visits) and to stimulate merchandise purchases, in an increasingly competitive
environment characterized by over capacity and declining customers.
Owner/management groups that have a portfolio of malls have recognized a need
to market themselves effectively given that the store mix and product offerings
of many regional shopping malls are very similar. However, the changing
consumer base is creating a need to better understand the requirements of a heterogeneous
market composed of numerous diverse segments making the use of mass market
promotions more difficult.

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Simply speaking,
consumer is a person who consumes or uses various goods and services. Goods may
include consumable goods (like wheat, salt, sugar, fruits etc.) or durable
consumer goods (like T.V., Refrigerator, Toaster, etc). Services that we buy
may include electric power, Transport, Professional’s advices etc. “Anybody who
chooses goods and services spends money to obtain them and uses to satisfy his
or her own needs.”




Consumer behaviour is
the study of human response to products and services. It is important to
understand ” Why” & ” How’s” of buyers behave so manufacturer can do a
better job of developing quality of product, charging reasonable price,
improvement in distributing product through various channels, and promoting
goods and services with various promotion measure for the group of consumers.
The study of consumer behaviour has its roots in examining people for the sake
of understanding and going insight. Consumers are like finger prints, no two
consumers are same in their behaviour. Consumers are shaped to some extent by
the environment in which they live they in term affect environment through their
behaviour. The fundamental goals of every business are to achieve full profit
potential out of target consumer with various needs and taste there are many
similarities also among them. Therefore, it becomes necessary to study target
consumer wants, perception preferences and buying behaviour. The behaviour that
consumer display in searching, purchasing eliminating and disposing of goods
and services which make them to essence of study of consumer behaviour. To
study the changing pattern of consumer behaviour and penetration, the result
can get by doing survey so I decided to do survey on Mall. Consumer behaviour
obviously refers to the behaviour of consumers in deciding whether to buy or
not to buy, whether to use or not to use, whether to dispose off or not to
dispose of the products, which satisfy their needs. Consumer behaviour also
refers to the use of scarce resource like time, money and efforts on
consumption items.

Consumer behaviour
tries to answer the following question: 1. What products and services consumer
buy? 2. What makes consumer to buy? 3. When these are bought by consumer? 4.
From where the consumer buy? 5. What is the frequency of buying? How often
consumer use it? I will undertake what is known as “consumer research” to find
the answers to the above questions. These answers will provide help to the
manufacturers in the design, development and further improvement of their
product. It also enables them to design their promotional strategies. A
purchaser or buyer is not necessarily being a consumer. Generally parents also
buy for their children in this case they are not the user but, the children.
Sometimes a product brought may be used jointly. It is also noted that the
decisions to buy may influence by a number of persons. A marketer has to buy
may influence by an either to the buyer or the user or the influencers. Some
think that the best audience is that of buyers, while some others think that it
is that of the users. It is possible to play safer by directing the promotion
to both the buyer and user. Medicines are promoted through the doctors, who
take the product selection decision, but they neither buyers nor user.



Why We Study Consumer


The work-place of user behavior is the work-place of how individuals make decisions to use
up their ready (to be
used)resources (time, money, attempts) on using
up related things on a
list. It includes the work-place of what they give
money for, whythey give money
for it, when they give money
for it, where they give money
for it, how often they give money
for it, and how often theyuse it. Just as user and marketers are different, the reasons why people work-place user behavior are also different. The field of userbehavior holds great interest for us as user, as marketers. As user, we help from our own consumptions-related decision: what wegive
money for, why we give money for, how we give
money for, and the promotional effects that get
to us to give money
for. Thework-place of user behavior enables us to become more
good, that is, wiser, user. As marketers and future marketers, it is importantfor us to take
in why and how individuals make their using
up decisions, so that we can make better overall
view marketing decisions.If marketers get through
knowledge user behavior, they are able to say
what will take place in the
future how users are likely having a reaction to different knowledge-sorting and conditions
of causes, and are able to form their marketing designs as
in agreement.Without doubt, marketers who get through
knowledge user behavior have great in
competition more chances in themarketplace

Ludhiana is a greatly sized to do with
industry great
town in the north indian state of punjab ludhiana District is one of the22 districts in the state of punjab in north-west Republic of India. ludhiana great
town which is part of the
country headquaters is themiddle part (of
wheel) of industry in punjab The main industries are 2-wheeled
machine parts and hosiery ludhiana is the biggestgreat town of the state. It has eight tehsils seven sub-tehsils and twelve development gets
in the way of. getting things at
store issomething that everyone loves to do in their free time and ludhiana being the middle
part (of
wheel) of industries and cloth, is thebest-suited place for malls and multiplexes. There are quite a number of malls in ludhiana but to make it simple,
not hard for you, wehave listed the top 10 most visited getting things at store malls of ludhiana that are a great inside to have
special rights getting things at
store, getting entertained and to dine in.

Malls in Ludhiana


MBD Mall

Silver Arc Mall

Westend Mall

The Pavilion Mall

Grand Walk Mall

Ansal Plaza


Review of literature

Taylor and Cosenza
(2002) conducted a study to examine the shopping choice behavior of an
important and viable segment of teen market called, “Later aged female teen”.
The results revealed that typical later aged female teen made right choice
especially for clothing products. Finally the groups desire to stay and shop at
the local mall seemed to be a function of the mall composition and excitement.

 Parsons (2003) in his paper analyzed common
promotional activities employed by shopping mall marketers, which were ranked
by a sample of customers on their likelihood of encouraging increases in the
two key performance indicators used by shopping malls – sales and visits.
Whilst mall–wide sales are the preferred promotion, a combination of general
entertainment and price–based promotions were found to be a strong alternative
way to encourage visits and spending.

Anselmsson (2006) in
his study found selection as the most important determinant of shopping mall
choice, followed by atmosphere / ambience of the mall and third most important
determinant of satisfaction was convenience, which includes opening hours,
parking, ease–of–movement and ability to find one’s location in the mall. If
shopping mall enjoys high visiting rates, a better strategy might be to focus
on present customers and build relationships by improving satisfaction
management. The focus would then be on atmosphere, refreshments, convenience
and performance of the store personnel. On the other hand, if a mall is behind
competitors and needs to increase sales and visit frequency, management should
focus more on promotional activities and location aspects in terms of improving
geographical convenience.


Objectives of the study

The following are the
objectives of the study

· To analyze the
perception of consumers in purchasing at shopping malls. ·
To identify the factors of influencing consumers to purchase at shopping malls.

Research methodology

 Sources of data

 The objectives of the project are such that
both primary and secondary data is required to achieve them, so both were used
for the study.

· Primary data
Data to be collected for analysis from the customers of mall is a structured
questionnaire. · Secondary data Some of the data
collected was also based on available information published in newspapers and
industry journals, or that released by retail companies or shopping malls
developers themselves via internet.

Sampling technique

 For the purpose of the study 200 respondents
from Fun Republic and Brooke fields shopping Malls has been selected applying
Convenience Sampling method, since the population is infinite.


Statistical tools to be

The following tools are
to be applied for the study · Simple Percentage analysis ·
Factor analysis · Chi – square

 Limitations of the study

 The following are the limitations of the study.
This study is restricted only to Coimbatore city so the result may not be
applicable to other areas. · The finding of the study depends on the
respondents’ attitude.