Introduction past, a creative entrepreneur somewhere inIntroduction past, a creative entrepreneur somewhere in

Introduction to the Sachet (Pure) water production business in NigeriaWater is one of the most important commodity of life. We all need water for several purposes of which includes drinking.In
the past, a creative entrepreneur somewhere in Nigeria wanted to solve
the thirst and dehydration problem especially when outdoors,so s/he came
up with what we use to call “ice-water”; water wrapped in transparent
nylon. Soon people copied the idea and the ultimate aim was defeated.
Those who copied saw it as a big way to make plenty naira and they
didn’t care about hygiene. Some fetched and produced ice-water from
unclean well water and soon a new problem emerged. The problem of
“affordable, yet unfit water for consumption”.So again, another
creative Nigerian entrepreneur came up with a brilliant idea to solve
this new problem and so, the sachet water (also known as pure water)
idea was born.Sachet water differed from ice-water in that it is
basically water packaged in thicker transparent nylons after undergoing
some purification in a controlled laboratory. Sachet (pure) water is in
high demand in Nigeria with a target market focusing on the following:Personal individual needsSocial events gathering Fast food, restaurants and hotelsKiosks, Shops, Supermarkets Home and family OfficesEtcCapital requirements for setting up a Sachet (Pure) Water Production Business in NigeriaIf
you are looking towards investing in setting up a sachet (pure) water
production plant, you will need to raise and set aside between 5 to 10
million naira. This capital will be used to rent and setup a space, buy
equipment and other things listed below.How a Sachet/Pure water production business worksFirst, you will need to registerEquipment needed for the Sachet/Pure Water Production Business in NigeriaHi1 Year Income Projection on the Pure water production businessHiRisks and Challenges involved in the Sachet water businessHiHow to market your packaged Sachet/Pure Water to consumersHi