Introduction: Psychological problems. Children who work also


Introduction: –

“Children are the most valuable
resources and it’s the best hope for future” said by President John. F.
Kennedy. The best resource should be utilized properly in order to get a better
result. A child should have a sound mind and sound body in the early stage to
have a better socialization process. Child
labour affects the total social development of children. The psychological properties
are even bigger problem. One of the most tricky aspects of child labour is that
it disturbs a child’s education and intellectual development. There are
children working full-time who do not attend school at all, which prevents them
from developing necessary cognitive skills. Child labour contributes more to
Psychological problems. Children who work also experience isolation and
depression, which often prevents them from continuing to develop healthy
emotions as they grow, and can lead to many physical effects also. Children who
are working also have impact on the overall social development of children,
since they do not get to spend time with others their own age or even enough
time with family members. Children need to build personal positive
relationships in order to thrive and feel confident. Spending long hours at
work, even part-time, prevents the children from properly developing these
relationships, leading to insecure adults who are also at risk for other
emotional problems.

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of the Study: –

Studying the issue related to
children and giving solution to the issue is an important source which helps
the future society to grow. Children who are in risky job fields have no
opportunity to build their natural psychosocial health. Long working hours
breed their feeling of frustration and inadequacy. Their involvement in
dangerous work resists eventually in building their emotional cognitive skills
and they become withdrawn, introvert and uncommunicative. A important portion
of the children working at building and welding sector are suffering from emotional
immaturity. Existing studies about the psychological effect of child labour
report that sufferers of child labour face depression, lack of trust,
hopelessness, low levels of confidence, shame and guilt, low self-esteem and


Statement of the Problem: –

The psychological development of child labour is different from a
normal child. Child labour in children creates an adverse effect in child’s
psyche. 14-16 year old child laborers work for an average of 14 hours daily,
which obviously causes a variety of short-term and long-term health problems.
Children who developed to be involved in labor-related works have no
opportunity to develop or enhance their natural psycho-social health. Child
laborers are affected by abnormal psychological growth. Relating psychological
and behavioral problems amongst the working and non-working children shows that
children’s development in the working case is almost detained. The working
children have lower levels of adaptive skill, reduced physical health and
demonstrate unwanted social manners or behavior. These are the problems for
which the study should be conducted in order to provide a conducive environment
for a child to grow.

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