Introduction The benefits that the professional bodyIntroduction The benefits that the professional body

Introduction A professional body is an expert representative body that furthers a particular field of study. There are 3 main benefits of a professional body, for members; who are that they have a good understanding and practice of their profession. For employers; as they can expect their employees to have a certain level of expertise and professional behaviour etc and to society, where they can let people know that they understand they have responsibility.  Lead DesignerCSD (chartered society of designers)CSD is a professional body that is recognized internationally for helping designers to pursue their career by providing guidance and support for every stage of their career. This professional body is appropriate for this job role because it is dedicated to design. The benefits that the professional body offers, is that they offer designers or members the use of membership marques, online portfolios, using post nominal letters which enables them to advance and promote their professional achievement. Another way is that CSD is internationally recognised for designing in many disciplines, accrediting best design practice and study. so they can use that credibility for their career. They also offer a range of events and activities that help members engage and connect with others.Lead ProgrammerIAP(Institution of Analysts and Programmers)The institution of Analysts and Programmers is an national and international organisation that represents those who work or have studied in the field of programming, design analysis and other fields of computer science. This professional body is appropriate for programmers as the body represents them well and they have a good reputation. The benefits of this organisation is that they have an appropriate aims, such as that they assist members having mandatory education and have the experience and the ability to proceed in their career, they assist members in any matter that involves their progression to their career. They will expand or maintain the current interests of the members.