INTRODUCTION year 2013. After that in yearINTRODUCTION year 2013. After that in year



My name is
Manpreet Singh Malhi. I am from 31-A near master Gurbanta Singh Marg Gagan
vihar, Jalandhar, one of the city in the state Punjab, India. It is also famous
for sports equipments and a good place to live in. I am writing this statement
of purpose explaining about my whole information as well as my reasons for
choosing Australia for my higher studies.

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I belong to
a nuclear family. There are five members in my family including me. my father
Piara Singh is a mechanical engineer in Rajay International LLC in Dubai and my
mother’s name is Amarjit Kaur and she is a homemaker. My brother Prabhjot Singh
is doing ther job of security in Dubai. Lastly, my younger brother Milandeep
Singh is pursuing his studies. My father is sponsoring me for my higher


Citing about
my previous education, I completed my 10th class from DAV ublic
school under Central board of secondary education in year 2013. After that in
year 2014, I got some financial problem and could not continue my studies and
had a gap of one year. In year 2015, I started my 11th under Punjab
school education board because CBSE schools don’t accept one year gap. Finally,
in year 2016, I completed my 12th. 
Also, I took coaching of IELTS and scored 5.5 bands overall (L-5.5,
R-5.0, W-5.5, S-5.5).


I selected Australia
for my further studies because I felt it will be better to study at the place
where this course is already widespread,
established and technically advanced. In India,
more stress is laid on theoretical knowledge which has no benefits in long run.
the student completes his studies from Australia, certificate from this country
has value worldwide. Every student’s first preference is Australia who wishes
to study abroad. The country provides a number
of facilities and options for international students. Moreover, the country is crime free and allows international
students to move freely and have a peaceful



Through my research from the
website Central
Melbourne institute is the best institute to study in Australia because this
institute is registered training provider and has a friendly environment. It is
situated in the heart of Melbourne, level 6,460 Bourke street , Melbourne 3000
which is always a preference while choosing an institute from where access is
easy. Staff of this institute is very helpful and this institute provides
various other facilities to students such as kitchen facilities, gym etcetera.



I have chosen BSB51915
Diploma of leadership and management 091876E because it is relevant to my
previous studies. After doing this course, I will be able to get job of a
manager in any renowned company in my home country, India which will help me manage the groups of people with
attractive behavior and style. As I have mentioned earlier that Australian
education is well recognized all over the world and there are many
opportunities for me and i can earn
lucrative pay scale.

Manpreet Singh Malhi


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