Introduction’Hook’.So, you to stay calm and peacefulIntroduction’Hook’.So, you to stay calm and peaceful

Introduction’Hook’.So, have you ever thought what would be the best religion for a ruling emperor and for the citizens and social order? Well I think that Buddhism would be the most beneficial religion.Background information. Buddhism is one of the world’s most popular religions. It is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, who lived in the fifth century B.C.E. The countries that follow Buddhism are – China, Thailand, Japan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, India, Malaysia.Theses: So, if I were an Emperor in Ancient China Buddhism would be most beneficial religion for me as an Emperor and my people because it is religion that doesn’t harm any living beings and there is no violence in Buddhism and this will help for people to get along better and stay peaceful.Argument 1. Firstly, Buddhism would be the most beneficial religion for the ruling dynasty becauseit has spread through the word naturally. Not like Christianity, because Christianity spread through the world by wars. So this means that Buddhism spread through the world without barking the religions rules (do not harm, hurt or kill other living beings and your self.)Evidence / Example:Argument 2. Secondly, in Buddhism people are not allowed to kill or harm any living being and themselves. Also, Buddhists do no kill animals for food and they don’t eat meat, fish … So, this will help the environment and the animals. For example, in Thailand when it doesn’t rain the small rivers dry up, so the people help by getting the fish and they bring them to deeper waters.Evidence / ExampleArgument 3. Finally, Buddhism would be the most useful religion for my ruling dynasty because Buddhists meditate and when you meditate you train your mind to concentrate and helps you to stay calm and peaceful person.Evidence / ExampleOpposing Viewpoint. However, there are some negative things about Buddhism that might make my ruling dynasty weaker. For example, it might be hard for me to protect my country without breaking the rules like not harming or killing living things.Conclusion: So even though there are some negative viewpoints about Buddhism. And even though only 7.1% people in the world are Buddhist, Buddhism will still be the best religion for a ruling