Introductions take more responsibilities from mothers theyIntroductions take more responsibilities from mothers they



we know most important person in our world, is our mother. Now a day’s most of
women involve working forces dues to current economics situations. These
mothers have the some advantages of being financially stable enough to stay at home
but some mother are forced to go back to work after their children born.

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are positive and negative implications have with working mothers. This is
intended to talk about two positive implications such as complete of financial
and kids working moms are more independent. Early development effects and
impaired nutrition two of negative effects are there. 

has been aim to discussed about working mothers

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Positive Implications,

mother who successfully manages both outside and parenthood provides a role
model for her child. Their children learn to take more responsibilities from
mothers they have to be, because as they get older they will be fending for
themselves until mother gets home. And after mother came to home they will be participating
in tasks around the house (Callisen,2015).They learn how to clean, how to wash
the clothes, how to cook meal, and will go off to college or leave house as
working adults with the ability to live independently.     

financial benefits that come with having both parents work, such as going to
good schools and pursuing extra-curricular interests can inculcate a sense of
security in kids (working mom vs. stay at home mom, 2013).A second income from
the mother adds to better living conditions and comfortable life without
struggling. Every parent has a question. Why do you go to work? When children
understand that working in part to contribute financially to the household in
which they live, they come to appreciate where the money comes from, which in
turn becomes teachable moments about bad getting an d saving (Burby, 2017).they
also learn important lesson to their future such as earn and save.   


Negative Implications,

some people there some demerits of mother working which is giving bad impacts
for developing children psychology. Firstly children and their mothers seem to
be less close nowadays. It is because mother spends less time with their
children and working mother often works full time. As a result, children do not
have enough time to share about their problems in school or about themselves.
Since that children’s are more closely to their babysitters than mothers
(Parenting Nation 2013) Mother is first guider, care giver, lover of a child. A
research study that received national at tension in Britain found that children
whose mothers full time were twice as likely to fail their school leaving exams
as those whose mothers stayed home to rise than.



nutrition during infancy and early childhood is fundamental to development of
each Childs full human potential. The period from birth to two years of age is
critical window for the promotion as optimal growth, health; behavioral
development longitude studies have consistently shown that this is the peak age
for growth faltering, deficiencies of certain micronutrients and common
childhood illnesses such as diarrhea. Most of baby sitters dislike feed the
babies and usually do not clean babies equipment’s properly. Because of these
cause children gets many illnesses easily. When mother was coming to home
children have gone to bed. Therefore working mothers difficult to feed their
children correctly also children addict to sweets, short eats than nutrition’s
food. Because of this can develop long time nutritional problems to their




Above discussed
positive and negative implication are being a working mother. Now days due to
economic problems, it has become good life to make more effort for good
earning. So for such a thing a woman has to earn and gets the responsibility of
her family. Other hand children learn to take more responsibility from their
mothers. A working mother should be proud of herself as she has the power to
give best to her family.

There are negative
implications such as bad impacts for developing children psychology. Working
mother has not enough to time to stay with children as a result; children find
the solution from other ways, such as them close to babysitters or nannies.
Also working mother should keep in mind that she should not forget her children
nutrition’s and healthy diet.

Same she should tackle
kids with love affection and patience.  














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