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IntroductionThis assignment analyses some of the organisation behaviour issues that the employees are facing at the BFGym. This assignment investigates the pros and cons of the bureaucratic structure and why the trainers do not feel motivated in the BFGym. I will then compare and contrast Kate and Phillips leadership style and finally look at some stress factors at the BFGym.Bureaucracy structure in an organisation is a form of management that has a command structure in the form of a pyramid. This allows the organisation to be organised knowing exactly how it operates. For every department of an organisation, it normally has organisational charts and decisions are made through an organised process. In a bureaucracy structure, there is a strict command and control structure all the time which the employees have to follow. (, No Date).One advantage of a bureaucratic structure in the BFGym is it is easy for the management to monitor and manage what their trainers at the BFGym are doing, due of the repetitive schedules it is easier to know where the trainers are, what session is being run, what time as well as what place. Jane, for example, carries out back-to-back classes throughout the day, this allows the management to monitor her and ensures she is at the right place at the right time as they are used to the schedule she has as well as the other trainers. Another advantage of the BFGym bureaucratic structure is that everyone at the gym is treated the same. Weber was worried about nepotism as he feared companies would hire relatives or friends that are unqualified for the job, this would affect the efficiency of the whole company. (, 2017) Max Weber put forward a system where if people performed up to a certain standard then they would be rewarded and given a promotion which is used to date. If you perform to a high standard you get paid a bonus, however in the BFGym because the trainers are unhappy with the classes they have, they are demotivated with working to a high standard as they just want to get the members of the gym trained and out so the trainers could be done with their day. To improve this Kate, the head of BFGym, should change the schedules to what the trainers want and include some sessions that they do not want to do. This will be good as having a mixture of both will make them motivated to do their best and this will then allow them to get a bonus for working to a high standard and they could be promoted to a better position at the gym.There are many characteristics of bureaucracy, but one important characteristic is impersonality (Bizfluent, 2017) and this relates to the management as they are not concerned about what their employees’ needs and wants are due to it being a really professionally strict interaction. However, this could be a disadvantage because if the management does not want to know about how their trainers are feeling with the workload etc. then the gym will not be able to function properly as the management is not concerned with the problems the trainers have and are not looking for solutions.Another disadvantage is that Max Weber bureaucracy theory does have its limitations because the theory is based on the roles and responsibilities of the trainers instead of his/her performance in tasks. Due to the management being strict, it has a lack of flexibility to respond to what the trainer’s wants are in having a change in the business environment.The first motivation theory is the Herzberg (1959) motivation theory, this theory relates to Jane at the BFGym as Jane is dissatisfied with the role she has been given in the gym by the management. According to the Herzberg theory, the problems of those at the workplace is due to the management not being able to understand the difference between how to reduce the level of dissatisfaction of the workers and those that help to encourage basic motivation. (Williamson et al., 1986). Jane wanted to take on personal training sessions and wanted to set up training programs and classes. However, the management assigned her too many responsibilities with a fixed routine and back-to-back classes. The management gave her too much work to do so she is not feeling motivated since her needs are not being met. Also after putting her point forward that she wanted to change the exercises the management did not listen and take in what she wanted, and she had to go back to what she was assigned. This goes against the Herzberg theory as the management is not reducing the level of her dissatisfaction and therefore she is not happy with how she is being treated. This could result in her having a lack of motivation as she is dissatisfied with the work she is currently undertaking.The second motivation theory is the Adams Equity Theory (1965), in this theory it was said when workers feel they are being treated fairly compared to others it is more likely they will be motivated. But when they feel unfairly treated it will make them feel frustrated and not motivated. (Yourcoach, 2009). This theory relates to Nick as he is a new employee that has moved from Nottingham to Birmingham and now works at the BFGym. Nick feels he is not connected with other trainers as they have been working with one another at the BFGym for a while and they feel comfortable with each other, but he feels like an outsider and feels he is unfairly treated by the other employers as he is being given classes that other trainers do not want to do and therefore he is not feeling motivated. Nick should get more involved with his co-workers, and this will allow him to get along with them and become comfortable. However, this is what Nick thinks, but people vary in what they think is fair. For example, the other trainers may think Nick is being treated the same as them. If Nick thinks he is being treated unfairly, he should have mentioned it in the meet up with the other group members as it was a meet up for solutions to their problems. This would have allowed him to come out with his problems and everyone would know how he is feeling, and they could have involved him more with what they do.A leader is someone who leads a group of people or organisation to achieve a common goal. (BusinessDictionary, 2017). With the behavioural approach to leadership, the Ohio State University and Michigan University found that there were two styles of leadership, Consideration and initiating structure. (, 2016). Kate has the consideration style of leadership and this is because she respects her employees’ ideas and shows consideration for their feelings. This is shown from Kate when she overheard several of the employees talking about quitting their jobs and she talked to them directly and gave them the opportunity to find some solutions to their problems and tell her what they had come up with in a weeks’ time in a meeting. This shows Kate cares for the trainers and being their leader she acts in a friendly manner towards them.Phillip, on the other hand, is more task orientated leadership, which is why he is initiative. (, 2016). Phillip tells the trainers what to do, so he creates goals and then tells his goals to the trainers and then they engage in the task. This style of leadership is more about telling the trainers what to do, than participating as a whole group and caring for the trainers’ needs and wants. When Kate told the 5 trainers about having a meeting in a week, to discuss some solutions to their problems, Phillip asked the rest of his co-workers to meet up and discuss some ideas, the other 4 trainers did not want to as they were tired after working for so long, but had no choice because their schedule is always full. Therefore the meeting had to take place and in the meeting, Phillip instantly took the leadership position and started to talk about possible solutions. This showed he had a bit of the consideration style of leadership, but that was not the case when he noticed Nick had stopped engaging in the discussion and did not have the energy to deal with the problem. It also showed he had an initiative structural leadership because even though he was tired and wanted to go home like Jo and Robin he felt responsible to finish the task at hand as that was the reason for the meeting.Even though both Kate and Phillip were really confident when they were in the leadership role. Compared to Kate, Phillip likes to take control and does not act in a friendly manner towards his co-workers, this was shown when Phillip, Jo, and Robin got into an argument and there were harsh accusations thrown at one another. This was only calmed down once Jane interfered. A recommendation for Phillip could be to engage everyone and if there is someone feeling left out involve them and ask what their problem is. Phillip should also try to not argue with his co-workers, so he could sort it out calmly and understand how they feel. Kate on the other hand directly asked her employees what was wrong, found out the problems her employees were having and came up with a solution to give them the power to come up with their own solutions. This shows Kate is people orientated leader and this type of leadership in this environment is good as it allows the employees to have some power and feel their opinions are being heard. The recommendations for Kate could be that she needs to lead with enthusiasm and show she is more outgoing, she needs to take control and make decisions and then convince her employees to go with it to show her position in the organisation. Therefore this could also be a bad style of leadership as well as good.There could be two forms of stress at BFGym, physically and emotional responses. This usually happens when the job is requiring the worker to do tasks that do not match the worker’s capabilities, resources, or needs. (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 2002). One of the stress factors that the trainers faced at the BFGym was they were not given many rights for what they want to do. For example several of the trainers were not happy with the schedules they were given and the classes they had, they felt they did not have a right to choose what they wanted to do as they were basically told by the management “This is what you must do”. This made the trainers feel stressed as they did not have a say in how they want their schedule to be. The intervention that would be suited to deal with this stress is primary interventions. The management could innovate the schedules of their trainers to suit them and see how things work out, this will allow the trainers to actually enjoy coming to work and new schedules do reduce strain. (Bunce and West, 1996). Also, they could employ more people, so the current trainers could have some sessions taken off their schedules in order for them to have breaks after sessions rather than having back to back sessions.With work stress, there have been two approaches, medical model, and engineering model. Medical model does not look at the cause of stress, it looks at how an individual reacts to stress. Another stress factor at BFGym was when the trainers were in the group meeting, Phillip got stressed with Robin and Jo as he felt they were not communicating and had a heated argument with them. In the medical model, there is a ‘fight or flight response’ which happens by the increase in heart rate, tense muscles, faster breathing and higher blood pressure. From looking at this situation Phillip had responded by a verbal ‘fight’ response. Secondary interventions would be suitable to prevent this from happening. The management could provide stress management training for their trainers as this will help them to communicate with one another more, which would cause less conflict and heated arguments as the trainers will not always feel tired and agitated after working for long hours.Overall I suggest the management be a little more flexible and not put too much stress on the trainers with back-to-back classes as they could employ more trainers if needed. Also, motivate their trainers by giving them bonuses and promotions as this will keep them trying to achieve their best with the members of the gym. Kate should show more interest with her employers and engage more with them, this will allow her to get to know them and they will feel comfortable to tell her their problems with the BFGym, rather than Kate overhearing it.