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English 11

21 November 2017


                                                Women In Law Enforcement

there were women police officers in the 1990’s there weren’t as much as today.

Women mostly worked with children, women, and more feminized jobs. As for their
gender they had limited responsibilities. Since society viewed women
weak and thought that being an police officer was an male oriented job. As
women trying to approve to society is hard.


are many stereotypes that women in law enforcement field have to face. In order
to be a women office, law enforcement agencies should attempt to overcome the
idea that policing is a male oriented job. It used to be that women were
nurses, teachers, and clerical positions that were open to women. A small
percentage of women worked as correctional officers and they were usually
limited tasks for women to do. In many communities, women might never have the opportunity
to see female officers as role models. Most women don’t considered policing as
a job career for them.  But policewoman aren’t still welcomed by society.

As women tried to get into the law enforcement field men and society looked
down upon them. Thinking that they are weak or not suited for the job because
only men could achieve this kind of job.


opportunities for female officers are large. As our generation opens their minds
women are recruited for jobs in the field to expand the potential sworn
officers. It should be a goal to recruit female officers so they can be recognized
on the streets, making a difference for their communities. Making law
enforcement a career choice for women. More women are starting to take law enforcement
as a career choice, by choosing law enforcement the work force has grown.

“Women were 37% of the labor force in 1979, 45% by 1992 women hold less than
five percent of all senior management jobs across the U.S. Women’s
representation in America” (Beile Rose).


officer should be able to have the first priority to work just like men. Women
are more likely to have more responsibilities and those responsibilities are
pushed aside in order to move further in their career. Not only do they have
work but a family to take care of. Working hours that are extremely long shows
how passion they are about their career. Not only do have work but a family to
take care of. Females are abled as weak or to kind but as a female officer on
would think of being confident. Gender bias also affects hiring and promotion.

Female police officers  perceive that it is harder to get hired, and once
hired they are paid less and have fewer opportunities for promotion (Neubauer,
2008).   many times the gender bias affect their work. Meaning at
times people pay them less than men. Females are less likely to get hired in
the law enforcement field.


As society starts to change
their point of view on women more women are being hired to jobs people centuries
ago would’ve never thought of. On the most recent presidential election more
women are speak up and stating their opinions. But at the same time employment
in the law enforcement is in trouble because by 2030 there will be Robocop’s.

It is not just only policing career in trouble but about 2 billion others jobs
are estimated to disappear by 2030.  


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