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Is India a country that is still shackled by poverty or is it one that is on the path to development? The answer is far more complex than one might imagine. There is a paradox within our nation as while economic growth may be taking place, we are not fundamentally developing as a whole nation. In India being successful is often seen as an accident of birth, something which is inherently problematic to a democracy and speaks volumes of the condition within our country. 

This should not be the way society works. While one hand there are amazing numbers such as 8.6% gross domestic product growth and on the other hand, we are still a country with one of the highest infant mortality rates and lowest girl child literacy rates. A grave statistic that shows the imbalance of development within is that while we may have far overtaken countries like Nepal when it come to per capita income, we are still neck to neck on social indicators such as life expectancy, malnutrition etc. 

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The fundamental issues with Indian economics is that equity is a dream that is far from materialisation. There has been an evident neglect of healthcare, education, sanitation and overall the interest of the underprivileged. This can be visibly seen as today elections are not won on social change and promises but on vote bank, and religious lines. While political representation in principle might take place in practical execution it is whole different matter which can clearly be seen as the threshold of females in the Lok Sabha has never crossed 10%. 

Polices have been amended and industry has been allowed to grow unchecked, but has the taken place at the cost of wage labourers? Has bad healthcare been allowed to worsen demographic conditions within India simply because there is a strong lobby of commercial insurance companies? However as a country there are still signs that conditions can change when the government sets official goals of inclusive growth. 

The main problem is resources lead to opportunity and making full use of opportunities is what will make us grow as a country and enable us to fulfil our potential, both individually as well as collectively. However today these are concentrated in the hands of a view and is this barrier that needs to be overcome alleviate poverty. In India there is a dark evident contrast that is often hidden that is between the rich and the poor, and this gap that is continuously widening. The situation is dire and only threatens to get worse, I believe the only step in the right direction would be affective comprehensive policy that would actually focus development in the poorest of areas. Policy that would actually for once work towards equity a goal that was so proudly stated in our first five year plan.