Is in my ceiling? 1) The first

Is there a hole in your ceiling? And
looking for the solution on how to fix a hole in the ceiling? then this expert
guide will help you to solve your problem. The fixing ceiling can be done by
anyone who has basic knowledge of handling the hardware tools. You can save a
ton of money on labour cost by doing it yourself. You require few hardware
tools which generally you can find in a nearby hardware store and some material
to fix it.

How do I fix a large hole in my ceiling?

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1) The first step understanding the area.
Go to the area and see if there is any underlying cable around the ceiling hole
or electric wire underneath the hole. The wire could create a problem while you
fixing it. So first examine the area properly.

2) The next step is measuring the hole with
the measurement tool. Measure the depth and diameter of the existing hole. You
have to note down the measurement on the paper so you will use it later to find
the patch for the hole.

3) Now you need to find the right kind of
wood to patch the hole. Check your garage or any other wooden equipment which
is not in use. You have to find the wood which is the diameter of the hole to
use it as a patch. It will work as filler piece for the hole.

4) Once you find the right kind of wood for
filler. The next step is cutting it by using your taken measurement. Keep the
wood little thinner to provide a place for the drywall.

5) Now attach the wood to the hole with the
help of screws to patch it in the hole. Align the piece of the wood properly to
the ceiling.

6) Fill the patch with the coat of drywall
compound. Apply it gently all over the ceiling and give a smooth layer to the
drywall to look it professional. Once done, allow the compound to dry for 24 to
48 hours. Again apply the second coat of drywall compound and then paint it.

How do I repair a plasterboard ceiling?

You can use the same process that we have
used in patching the ceiling hole in the above guide. You have to find the
right kind of patch for plasterboard ceiling.

Follow these steps:

1) In the first step, we have to screw the
plaster washer to the ceiling all over the cracked area. While doing this you
have to make sure that you are driving screws into the wood lath of the

2) The next step is spreading the joint
compound onto the ceiling to cover the damaged area. Spread evenly all over the
area with the help of trowel.


3) Now put the insect screen into the
compound to give it a strong base to hold on. Again apply one more layer of the
compound and spread all over it.

4) Let the joint compound dry for at least
24 to 48 hours.

5) Once it is completely dry use the
sandpaper to remove an extra spot from the ceiling and make the ceiling look

6) Now in the final step, you have to apply
the one coat of the primer followed by paint.

You have learned the ceiling repair
process. Now you are completely trained in the process. Get the right kind of
tool and start fixing it.


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