Is some cute animals and gorgeous flowers.Is some cute animals and gorgeous flowers.

Is it not just so lovely
drinking a nice hot drink in the cold winter? In this picture this man is
enjoying the cold breeze while drinking a hot drink. It seems that nothing is
bothering him, that life is perfect and there are no worries. It seems that the
wind is blowing not to strong but just the perfect amount. He is with his dark
sunglasses looking at the distance while holding the mug as if he were cold. He
is wearing a thick black coat.

The man is about to drink, we
can see that his lips are touching the white maybe warm mug and we can see the
vein in his neck. This man reminds me of the 80 s where life was perfect   for
every human being. Watching the sun set of the black and white sun over the
hill, the grassy hill. His hair is blowing in the  wind and he seems to be relaxed everything
around is trees and the fresh air of nature . He probably can hear the birds
singing and the wind blowing by his ears. The day seems to be a calm and relaxing

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We can see the sun reflecting in
his glasses , so he probably has spent his day just enjoying the wonders of the
earth. In the distance we can see small hills so this place must be distant
from the rest of the world. He must have done an picnic ,  walked in the nature and has seen some cute
animals and gorgeous flowers. The man is about 30 and w can see in his facial
expression that he is enjoying the drink. All around the man we can see that it
is all grass and when you are in nature everything changes, everything seems so
simple and that people complicate everything.

In this picture everything is in
black and white , it is just simply simple. The man seems to relaxed looking
into the distance. He must be thinking about his life and the future, and it is
just so wonderful to be alone sometime and just think about your life. He seems
to be in a hill in the winter and maybe drinking something hot. Sometimes being
antisocial is a good thing for relaxation.