ISO in their fields of knowledge, AuditingISO in their fields of knowledge, Auditing

ISO Has Developed this Standard Food Safety Management system Certification that can be applied to any organization in the food chain, from farm to fork,this provides customer safe food. ISO 22000 standard incorporates HACCP Principles thereby eliminating physical,chemical & Biological Hazards. It also employs Good manufacturing programs in the name of Pre-requisite programs there by giving a confidence to customers by producing safe food. ISO 22000 standard is applicable to the entire food chain like farms,manufacturers,transporters,food packaging industries.ISO 22000 Requirements :–organization should have a documented food safety policy-maintaining documented information and records wherever required.-A Qualified & Competent Food safety Team -Emergency Preparedness-HAZARD Assesment,verification validation to avoid hazards at each steps(including all principles of HACCP)-Traceability system -Handling Recalls & Withdrawals in case of any emergency ( including documentation)-Conducting Internal Audits-Conduction Management review meetings-Continually updating the food safety management system.-Documented system in place-organization should have an emergency plan-organization should have a control on non-confirming products.FSSC & ISO 22000 :-ISO 22000 is not GFSI Benchmarked standard where as FSSC 22000 is a GFSI Benchmarked standard, wich is essential for a Global Reach, FSSC 22000  employs the following Pre-Requisite Programs :1. ISO/TS 22002-1 for food processing2.ISO/TS 22002-3 for Farms3.ISO/TS 22002-4 for food packaging manufacturers.For a Global market an organization can choose GFSI Benchmarked FSSC 22000 just by employing the Pre-requisite programs.HOW Does ISO 22000 Help ?ISO 22000 helps in producing safe food, HACCP Principles can eliminate the entry of any Hazard into the food chain,there by producing safe food, the standard speaks about each and every aspect to eliminate a hazard so that a customer can safely consume food that is certified from an FSMS Organization. FSMS deals with Haccp to Eliminate Hazards,it deals with Non-Confirming Products to have a better control, it speaks about validation,verification systems,it emplys Quality management systems like internal audits, management review meetings.For getting ISO 22000 certification :-First the organization need to Employ the ISO 22000 Standard Requirements, Pre-requsite programs in our organization then we need to choose a certification body, In INDIA list of accredited certification bodies can be found in the website( For Auditing an FSMS Organization :-For an FSMS Audit the Auditor should have sector specific knowledge and they need to be competent enough in their fields of knowledge, Auditing comes with Experience. An Auditor should determine skills necessary for uptaking an audit. Auditors should follow the guidelines set in ISO 19011 Standard for auditing an organization,The following clauses explain the Auditing principles(From ISO 19011).Principles of Auditing (clause 4 iso19011):-1.Integrity :- -Auditors should perform their work with honesty,diligency & Responsibility.-Observe & Comply with any applicable legal requirement-demonstrate their competency while performing work-be sensitive to any influences that may be exerted on their judgement while carrying out an audit.2.Fair presentation :–Audit findings,audit conclusions and audit reports should reflect truthfully and accurately the audit activities. The communication should be truthful,accurate,objective,timely,clear and complete.3.Professional care :-Auditors should exercise due care in accordance with the importance of the task they perform and the confidence placed in them by the audit client and other interested parties.4.Confidentiality :-Auditors should not use audit information for personal gain by the auditors or the audit client.