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It is important to learn about this topic because it
shows how unnecessary it was and it was a BIG problem. And so many people were
accused for something some people didn’t even do. Also, lots of innocent people
died after the court figured out that they weren’t lying and some just went to
jail and were awaiting their execution and some didn’t even get executed they
were realest because they trial stopped before they were executed. 

The disagreement was,
that people were being accused of witch craft and the other people that were
doing it did not think what they were doing was witch craft. “There were many political conflicts
at the time that the Salem witch trials took place.” The conflict is so simple
and so different than other conflicts because it is more about their beliefs
and other things like religion and it is not just what happened to them.  (Heyman) “Several adolescent girls in Salem Village began to exhibit strange
and alarming symptoms that some of their parents quickly came to interpret as
the result of witchcraft. When urged by those adults to identify who had
bewitched them, the girls first named several of their neighbors in Salem
Village and then gradually widened the circle of those accused to include
hundreds of people in Salem town and other Massachusetts Bay communities.” A man named Cotton Mathers, realized that he was
losing a lot of people that he liked in their town because they were getting
accused of witch craft and/or getting hanged, so he made a speech, and everyone
voted that he is right, that they should stop the trials, and so they stopped
the trials, and no one was accused or hanged again. Also, the governor’s wife
was accused of witchcraft, and he didn’t want her to be hanged so he stopped
the trials.  The
Salem witch trials are important to history because, a lot of people died and
so many people lost their families, friends, neighbors and kids and it was a
depressing time for a lot of people. And when it finally stopped so many people
were released from jail, and they could go back to their families and they can
do what they were doing.  “Historically, witchcraft tended to be a female
crime; about three-quarters of the accused were women. However, even the men of
the highest-status in Salem, such as ministers, were cried out to be witches.
The Harvard-educated Puritan Minister Reverend George Burroughs; John Willard,
a kinsman of Reverend Samuel Willard of Boston’s South Church; and John
Proctor, the respected farmer and tavern keeper made famous in Arthur Miller’s
1953 play, The
Crucible, were all hanged together during the trials.”

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