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It gives me immense pleasure to recommend my student Ms. Jhukhirtha Marhi Arokiasamy for admission to the Master’s program of your university. Being an Assistant Professor in the Electronics and Telecommunication Department and the Supervisor of IETE-ISF (Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers-Student Forum) . She has been my student for the courses of Computer Communication and Telecom Network, Mobile Communication System and Wireless Networks (theoretical & practical). I have been a secondary mentor for her final year project too. Furthermore, I have worked closely with her in IETE-ISF when she was the Vice-Chairperson of the chapter. Jhukhirtha has waived the right to view this letter.


Her proactive participation in classroom lectures and laboratory sessions , well-drafted punctual assignment submissions and enriching technical presentations on various topics like Network Architectures, Protocol Layers, Service Models, Cellular Communication, Planning and Design of Radio Propagation ,Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) and Network Management portrayed her enthusiasm to learn new concepts and technology, inquisitiveness to reflect on theoretic approaches with their corresponding practical applications and ability to analyze and solve complex problems.

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As the secondary mentor of her final year project, I have observed Jhukhirtha being majorly involved in all the phases of the project right from defining the scope and objective, conducting extensive literature survey right through the design, implementation, and analysis of the hardware prototype. When the team hit roadblocks in the project, she carried out extensive research to ensure that the prototype they designed was cost-effective, low-power, self-organized network and most importantly would help upgrade road safety. Also, Jhukhirtha expressed lucidly, the intricate details of the project through oral presentations and documentation of their project. She never shied away from putting in long hours and worked tirelessly for the project. She was the unifying force behind the team, always encouraging her teammates to power through obstacles and work towards the common goal, which ultimately steered the project towards its successful completion


Adding to her repertoire, Jhukhirtha has demonstrated excellent leadership skills, communication, and interpersonal skills, innovative, rational and systematic approach towards key tasks in the department and college. She was elected the Vice-Chairperson and the Secretary of IETE-ISF and also headed the sponsorship team of the college for two consecutive terms. During her tenure in IETE, she has planned and organized a plethora of Technical Programs, Special Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Symposiums, exhibitions, Industrial visits that served as a catalyst for overall growth in technical and professional skills of young students. I observed firsthand her keen interest in the Communication and Networking domain when she organized a month-long workshop on CCNA conducted by an industry expert from Reliance Communications and invited and hosted Mr. N.A.Kulkarni, deputy manager at MTNL to deliver an insightful lecture on “Current Telecom Scenario in India”. Her proactive role in key leadership positions has molded her academic ambitions, career goals and resulted in holistic personality development.


For these compelling reasons I strongly recommend Jhukhirtha as a prospective student of your graduate program. She will add a great deal to your incoming class of student’s. I can also envision her as a highly competent and successful individual in both academic and professional plane. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide any further information.