It over the mind and emotions whichIt over the mind and emotions which

It is the power of
now. This present moment. Why do I practice Yoga? And what can Yoga do for me?
Yoga to me is self-enquiry. It can assist me to enquire within and be the
witness of my thoughts that arise from the perceptions of my life. What the
sutra’s of Pantajali is portraying in my opinion is a foundation of Samkhya philosophy,
which in Hindu is the six schools of yoga. Pantajali’s sutras seem to define ‘Raja
Yoga’ in philosophical and theoretical form. They then intended to take control
over the mind and emotions which branches off in to the eight limbs of yoga.

Samkhya philosophy recognizes
the difference between Purush and Prakriti which seems to be the core focus of
this school. The Guna’s; tamas, satva and rajas are Prakriti’s three inclinations
to think or act in a certain way. They are the tendencies of the mind and not
the actual state of it. Samkhya is known or said to be a life-changing experience
because it delves in to the greatest conundrum of all time; the mind-body. It
is meant to analyse every single inch of our being from finite existence to
infinite consciousness or enlightenment. Through the journey of Samkhya there
are three major series of actions to assist in achieving results. The physical practice
– applying the philosophy to gain results within the experience, dedication to
my practice without judgement or attachment to results or personal desires.

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Reading – to understand and interpret the philosophy language/vocabulary, my
ongoing studies through the history of yoga and all it’s telling’s. Meditation –
feeling the philosophy through a state of contemplation, reminding myself of
the breath and thoughts that arise throughout the day.