It period? 1. Open your antivirus afterIt period? 1. Open your antivirus after


It is a proven fact that companies which offer marketing strategies of a Free-trial service achieve heights when it comes down to long-term survival. It is a method to attract people towards the favor with the motive of ‘trying before buying. Kaspersky Antivirus is one such software. They provide a 30 day trial period to home computer users of Internet Security and Anti-Virus. This will increase the users of this reliable antivirus. 

A special notice for Windows Xp is that now you can stretch your 30 day trial period to a bigger window i.e. more thirty days extension and take the product/service once you prepare up to the mind. It is a step by Kaspersky for generating his customers on a large scale especially for a lifetime.

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Kaspersky Customer Support works quite well in appointing technicians and experts for your help. You could ask anything relevant to the service and get speedy replies.

Analyze the adaptation

1.      Press the start button on the desktop.     

2.      Go to Control Panel on the configuration page. Select the word system on the Control Panel page or if you are using the new version of Start menu then kindly follow the process by moving to change the settings and customize the functionality of the computer.

3.      Take a write-up of the version of your windows and the last two digits after the word “x” in your PC domain.

4.      Look at the “Registered to” labeled and look for the computer name underneath it. This is only for XP user.

How to reset the period?

1.      Open your antivirus after disconnecting your web browser.

2.      Locate the link of license positioned below the screen which will delete the license which has been expired. Closing that link will ensure that the second step is complete.

3.      Go to settings and look for Self Defense which is presented on the left-hand side of the screen.

4.      Do not forget to uncheck the option on the right of the menu bar “Enable Self Defense”. Apply for the same and then click on the button OK. You might have to go the Advanced Settings tab and by clicking it you will have a vision at the Self Defense options which depending on which Kaspersky product you are utilizing.

5.      Closing the Kaspersky window by right-clicking on the representation and then clicking “Exit”.

6.      Go to “Run” in the start taskbar and start typing the word “regedit” in the Open field and to complete click on OK.

7.      If the last 2 digits of the computer name are 86 then, obey:


If the ending 2 digits of computer name are 64 then, obey:


8.      Double-clicking the figure PCID and in the Value statistics box of the window, substitute the last four symbols with any conjunction of all Caps characters. Click ok and close the window of the registry editor.

9.      Reconnecting the server to the Internet is an important step to follow and select the button “Activate trial version.”

10.    Click on OK to finish.


Feel free to contact Kaspersky Support Number if the process is undefined to you yet.