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It is through language that the content of a text finds its fullest expression. So, when a text is analyzed, its linguistic features are of prime importance. One of the most obvious features of a writer’s individual style is his fondness for certain words or types of words, which provides a clue to the predominant attitude of the writer. Besides, lexis is perhaps, that level of linguistic form at which variables can be treated with the greatest freedom and hence are of greater significance in the study of language. The vocabulary consists of lexical words and grammatical words, of which the lexical words refer to what is being interpersonally expressed; grammatical words provide the syntactic framework of a sentence. Similarly, stylistic analysis of sentence structures is a necessary foundation for understanding a text. Although the grammar of a language is represented by its conventional structuring, difference in the kinds of sentence patterns reflects different attitudes to experience. R. Ohmann (1964) appeals to transformational grammar, which postulates two main kinds of rules, phrase structure rules and transformational rules, and argues that optional transformational rules are the ones which determine style. A study of the patterns of syntactic prominence helps in revealing the thesis or theme which adds to the meaning of a work. Besides, it also helps to detect and analyze ambiguity. Hence, the role of syntax in language is to weave into a single fabric the different threads of meaning that are derived from the variety of linguistic function. Apart from lexis and syntax, many critics have also stressed the importance of imagery in literature, for it is a concrete representation of sense impression, a feeling or an idea that appeals to one or more of the human senses. Hence, imagery or figurative language, as a structuring device, is of prime importance in a novel as it helps in learning about local effects.

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