It the weather had become cold. WhenIt the weather had become cold. When

It was a pleasant and cool morning. I got up a bit earlier than usual that day. I moved out of my room and headed straight to the balcony to see the morning beauty. I was getting a clear view from my balcony, at the 6th floor of the apartments. It was dark outside. The birds were chirping melodiously and I felt the gentle breeze, blowing past me, in this quiet, misty dawn. I got lost after seeing this beauty of nature. After some time, I heard my mother calling for me, saying, “Good morning dear, Merry Christmas…” After my mother said these words, I went to my room, running, and saw the date on my calendar. It was 25th of November, 2016. I got excited and went to my mother and father to wish them. After this, I went to the restroom to get fresh. After getting a refreshing bath, I went to my room and saw my siblings waiting for me there.  Till the noon, we were all busy doing our own work. At around 1:45 pm, our neighbour rang the bell of our house. I ran towards the door to approach the visitor. Entering our home, she told my mom about a CHRISTMAS party to be held in a nearby clubhouse, handing over an attractive invitation to my mom. The invitation said:MERRY CHRISTMAS.JOIN US FOR A BIT FUN.WELCOME TO THE 2016 CHRISTMAS PARTY.VENUE: SOCIETY CLUBHOUSE.TIME: 8:00 PM TO 10:00 PM.We, all the siblings got excited and started waiting desperately for the wonderful upcoming event. Before 7:00 in the evening, we completed all our home assignments and other work, including my mom also, who completed all the household chores. At around 7:45 in the evening, we were all ready. After our neighbour came, we all left for the party with her family. After enjoying the event for about 45 minutes, we all went to take our dinner in the buffet area. At around 9:15 pm, my father advised that we should return back now since the weather had become cold. When we reached our home, after a bit of rest, I suggested that we should go for a small walk. Agreeing with the idea, we left for the walk at 10:00 PM. We reached a nearby park and sat on one of the benches. I sat down and started chatting with my brother. While the conversation was going on, I started swinging my legs in the air until my leg stumbled with a large thing, beneath the bench. At once I jumped off the bench and l bent down to see the object. I noticed that it was a big, black suitcase. I told this to my father, who was sitting on the bench beside. My father came and saw the suitcase. When my father was about to open the suitcase, my mom suggested that we should avoid touching the object as it may have some suspicious thing in it. After some time, my father said that it’s better to open and see what’s inside the suitcase as it will help us in deciding the next actions to be taken against the object. Agreeing, my mother bent down to have a look at the object. My father opened the suitcase with great care, and got shocked to see the thing lying inside.  I went near the suitcase and saw stacks of ?1000 notes inside the suitcase. After seeing this, my father recalled that there was ban on these notes just a month ago. After understanding the situation, I asked my father if the money found was black money. “Yes it is …, and we are required to report this to the police as soon as possible.” said my father, closing the suitcase.                 We reached home at around 10:45 pm and left with the suitcase to the nearby police station. When we reached the place, we went straight to the head of the station. My father told us to wait outside the chief’s cabin till he was having a talk with him. After half an hour of investigation, my father came out of the cabin. When we went outside, we saw the media waiting for us to have several questions. After answering all of them, we reached our home at around 12:00 am. The next day, we saw the main headline on the daily newspaper. It said in bold:Suitcase found in the city having stacks of ? 1000 notes, worth rupees 50 lakhs.After this incident, I got satisfaction for doing a good deed.