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It is a tragedy to the creatures of this planet, especially those who are dependent on the environment provided by the waters of the oceans, when their homes become a dangerous threat to their lives rather than a safe place of peace and tranquility. I know what you may be thinking, how is this so? It’s simple, the exploitation and misplacement of plastic pollution, quickly killing the marine life and leading to frightening and disastrous effects, has hundreds and thousands of species of fish and water inhabitants becoming extinct in oceans all around the world. If this horrific trend continues to grow, our oceans will become vacant of all life forms within the next decade and will leave human beings in a fight for their own lives. The life-threatening occurrence of pollution in the oceans is a major issue that can and most definitely will begin to affect the lives of every human being on the planet if the issue is left unaided.My intention is much more than just providing for the benefit of the marine life, but to the entire planet, and for the protection of all species of the human race and marine life. The solutions proposed by fellow researchers are way too lazy and simple to ever be effective. It’s not possible to change the world’s oceans by simply educating people for hours about the pollution or by a few water cleaning projects every now and then, we must make a more powerful approach to this issue that will bring environmental benefits and social benefits as well. I offer it to public that that we should completely eliminate all production and use of plastic. Any products currently composed of plastic will be destroyed and the production of plastic materials and items will be terminated.Plastic water bottles will no longer exist and instead, the art of origami will be taught at a young age in school in order to provide for a readily available cup solution to quench one’s thirst. Glass water bottles will be an option of purchase for those who insist on using a bottle for water and in order to eradicate all items made of this disastrous material already in existence, a massive bonfire of extreme and deadly temperatures will be held to melt and dispose of the materials. The species of the sea will soon begin to reap the benefits of the extinction of this material rather than themselves. A universal law will also be passed, establishing a high fine to be charged to anyone that is discovered to still be in possession of a plastic object. A special committee of officers will be privately hired for the specific purpose of going undercover to seize the use of plastic and many people will work tenaciously to terminate all plastic objects in their homes in replacement of glass or other materials, such as wood or paper. Although the changes may be strenuous for society to accept, it will reclaim the marine ecosystems and replenish the bottom end of our food chain.Of course, you may be thinking this is strictly unreasonable, to just change your lifestyle to save some silly fish, however, my solution does more than just save a tiny amount of marine life. We must take into consideration that precious dolphins and other animals are dying everyday because we don’t want to inconvenience ourselves by switching out a few water bottles. Too much research and effort has been put in to this topic to ensure an attainable solution for plastic oceanic pollution and my proposal is the only way possible to revamp the marine environment and help the planet as a whole.