It was soon revealed to be threeIt was soon revealed to be three

It was a beautiful
summer day in New Orleans – the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and
wherever you went you could just feel the energy and optimism oozing from
everyone around you. Everyone, that is, except for the young boy running down
the alley being chased by persons unknown. His heart was racing in his chest, sweat
was dripping down his face, and he was missing one shoe. His backpack was bulging,
weighing him down only slightly as he ran from what was soon revealed to be three
huge men dressed in suits who were in quick pursuit of the boy. It was truly
something out of a movie. The little boy was clearly faster than his burly
persuers, even while weighed down. Despite his fast pace he kept a sly grin on
his face, clearly pleased with himself. The boy had just stolen something from
a very popular store in New Orleans. Judging from the way he was being chased
through the city, the boss of that store clearly wanted that object back very

In an attempt to
shake the men, the boy took a hard turn, darting through an open doorway into
what turned out to be a busy strip club on Bourbon Street. The three men took
the same turn only seconds after, then came to an abrupt stop when they
realized the child was no longer in sight. They looked around to see where he
had gone until they caught sight of the strip club door just as it clicked
shut. They bolted in, pushing through the crowd of men and woman that were
having a good time. They looked behind the bar, in small corners, then finally
the bathroom. The young boy was hiding in a stall with his feet on the toilet
seat. He heard the men barge in and started to panic when they began to kick in
the stall doors. He knew he needed to act fast, so he took the stolen object
from the bag and hid it in the waistband of his jeans moments before they got
to the stall he had been occupying. He then threw open the door, surprising the
men enough to give himself a few seconds to escape. He tossed the backpack away
from himself and slid between one of the men’s legs towards the door before
booking it back towards the exit and outside. One of the men grabbed the
backpack while the other two continued to chase him.

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The boy’s legs were
now growing weary from the long chase through the city streets. Thinking the
men were distracted by the backpack, he decided to duck in a dark alley to take
a moment to catch his breath. Just as he was standing back up to resume his
escape, he felt a large hand take ahold of him and begin to pull him deeper
into the alley towards the other men. There were now four of them, and it took
only a moment for the boy to realize that the fourth man was, in fact, the shop
owner that he had stolen from. The mysterious object had now finally been
returned to its rightful owner, much to the child’s chagrin.

The End.