“It’s have a role”. What really happens“It’s have a role”. What really happens

“It’s funny, but when I’m sitting in the courtroom, I don’t feel like I’m involved in the case. It’s like the lawyers and the judge and everybody are doing a job that involves me, but I don’t have a role”. What really happens to a young boy who is innocent but society has labeled him as a monster because of what has happened? This book tells a story about what it means to be a good person or ever a bad person. “Monster” doesn’t want to go through the idea of what society does to turn a person into a monster. Steve was arrested and put on trial for robbery in a drug store and the owner was found dead. The big question would be if Steve was actually the lookout or if he was just in the drug store at the wrong time and of course at the wrong place. There was a lot of evidence found throughout the story about the case. The main purpose consists of having known his perspective throughout what he is going through because he had written in a journal and done movie scripts. What is known is that he was in the store the day the owner had been shot, but we don’t know if he had signaled his “friends” if the coast was clear. There was a lot of reassurance throughout the story about what had really went down or what the case lead down to because the case drags into things that are being settled down. There are many chances that he is guilty but wasn’t described well enough. Since Steve was around when the crime had happened, this could be dragged into his case because there is a lot of depth in the case of death. Even if he was around it is still considered a felony. It was very hard for Steve to even understand if he was any different from others in society. When his case was dismissed it had seemed that there was something wrong with Ms. O’ Brien because she ignored him or might have seen him as a monster that he was shown and felt to be. If Steve had a different group of friends, he probably would not have been exposed to so many difficult situations. His father finds it hard to believe that Steve could have ever associated with the type of people who wanted to rob a drugstore. James King told Steve, “All we need is a lookout. You know, check the place out-make sure ain’t no badges copping some z’s in the back. You down for it? So what it is” (151)? This is an example of peer pressure that was given to Steve because if it wasn’t this way things wouldn’t have turned out how bad they did. If he had belief in himself  he would not have felt or been going through what happened. Sometimes we  feel like we have to prove ourselves to others, even though when we do so, we need to think about how far we are willing to go and what the consequences are. Osvaldo was a friend of Steve who also feared James King, and was probably the main reason Steve felt this way. Osvaldo warned Steve by saying, “He don’t have no choice. He mess with me and the Diablos will burn him up. Ain’t that right faggot? I can kick your narrow butt any day in the week” (81). Knowingly Steve might have been pressured by his lawyer into lying. Ms. O’ Brien had questioned Steve and wondered if he had known James. “Steve answered, ‘No.’ O’Brien turns the cup down. Steve answers again, ‘Yeah.’ Casually, O’Brien turns the cup up”(218). This turns out to be that Steve’s lawyer had helped him lie in this case.In every aspect of his life, in his journals, his movie scripts, his daily lifestyle, Steve was getting pressured from everyone. When one is uncertain of right and wrong, then that person should make up his mind before letting others talk him into doing something he do not want to do. A person should always do what he feels is right, or, better yet, what he knows is right. To me, Steve is innocent only because there were no signals that were given out and he didn’t even know who Bobo was to start off with. “Did you talk to Steve Harmon… No… But you had not spoken to Mr. Harmon prior to the stickup… Naw” (195,197) This tells us that Bobo and Steve had nothing to do with each other at this point in the story. This also shows that Steve and Bobo never heard of each other. This is an example that Steve did not know Bobo and his intentions. Another reason why I have a belief that Steve was innocent was because there is a lot of racial background to this. Although this is just a novel, in the real world if it was set out to be a different way or with a different racial background, this would have been let off easier. Since Steve was a young black boy, he was targeted and looked at for being such a deep monster to society. I feel that if Steve were to have listened to all of the people who had his back, he wouldn’t have been in prison. Each and every decision or path we take will affect us later in life, just like it did for Steve. Although he was very gullible and let things off very easily without fighting back, things went the way they did for him. We should always think about the outcome and the other sides of the story. You need to think out the consequences and know your point of view and fight back for it. We live our own choices, and whether he was lying or not, he is the only one who should label himself as a monster or not. Steve should not let society label himself for somebody he doesn’t truly deep down think he is, and work around that information.