I’ve think they dominate everyone. They takeI’ve think they dominate everyone. They take

I’ve had enough of this life, I don’t want it anymore. Anxiety has invaded me, and overthrown me. I feel pushed back, trapped. Those bullies are murderers, stabbing me with their negative remarks. Why did you choose me to bully, The Leopards? Why me? I’m just Franco Stavins, a boy who doesn’t want to impress and is as gentle as a smile. We stay on the outskirts of London. Where the life of every man has been ever so peaceful. Where the grace of the people outweighs their backgrounds. The Leopards are just different, they are a bunch students in my grade who think they dominate everyone. They take pleasure in seeing someone in distress, pass negative remarks like their casual greetings, break the rules, hurt children, and feel superior. I am their main target, like the “gold” yellow circle in the middle of the bullseye. They bully me as I am a loner, only me. They are ripping me apart with their hate-filled nasty words. Lately, I’ve started feeling more depressed than I usually did. I have no worth, completely useless. It’s hard. Maybe there will be no tomorrow. My parents don’t support me in life. Hardly love me, too. They don’t care about me at all. I recall going to my Mom last week and seeking advice regarding all the bullying happening at school, and getting an unfavorable response.”Mom, I was wondering if could help me out on something,” I mumbled, afraid to know her response. “What? You better make it fast,”  she snapped as she washed the dishes, “I have no time for your stories.” I waited for a moment to think of a decent reply when I got that stare. “There are a group of people in my school, The Leopards, who bully me,” I exclaimed, “they tell me nobody likes me and I should go kill myself.” It took a lot of guts to tell Mom that. I bet she doesn’t care. “Oh, sad. Well, why don’t you go find other friends?” she answered, and I could see the sarcasm in her eyes. “Franco, you’re in 10th grade, get yourself together!” Mom yelled. I felt betrayed.”But, I–I need your help on this,” I moaned, “and you should be helping me!” “DON’T TALK ME LIKE THAT! Franco, can’t you see I’m busy!” she shouted as she left her dishes and turned to look at my tear filled eyes. “Go away, if I get time we’ll talk later.” I wondered when that ‘later’ would be, it has been a week since then. I guess Mom must have forgotten, it’s okay, I might just have to take the easy way around coping with life-ending it–soon. Suddenly, I remembered this week in school, it was unpleasant. Especially yesterday.    “Kid, come here,” Wayne Triggs, head of The Leopards said yesterday as I was walking past their group during lunch. Wayne asked, “you don’t belong in this world, why are you here?”    “Ask yourself that,” I replied, the second I said that I knew I shouldn’t have.     “Well, well, well,” Wayne turned to his gang, “looks like we have a game today.” The rest of the group looked at me and guffawed. Wayne continued by saying “go, invite the whole grade to see a spectacular beating,” and they hurried away.    “PLEASE, NO!” I shouted, something bad was on its way and I could taste it. Within minutes, students from my grade had actually come to watch. I was surprised and felt rage. Members of The Leopards took turns to beat me up as a squealed in pain, unable to help myself. I took a glimpse around the crowd; many laughing, only a few who looked sorrowed. It was excruciating, I can’t express how miserable I felt. As I meandered home, people looked at me shockingly and Mom didn’t bother. That was yesterday. Today I’ve spent my day simply thinking about life. I’ve decided that today is the last of my life. It’s time to put an end to this. The Leopards will continue, why should I suffer? Mom and Dad won’t change. This isn’t a life. I’ve got no support, nothing to be happy for and this won’t end. Life is like a burning candle, and it’s time to blow it. I crept down to the kitchen and brought a blade from there to my room. My heart was pounding, hands were trembling, and sweat was trickling down my pale face. I said goodbye to the world. I was holding the blade millimeters from my wrist as I howled in agony. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Abrupt. Typically there are no knocks at my door. Considering that, I decided I shall see who it is. I concealed the blade and hesitantly went to the door. There was Janet Howell, a girl in my grade. Why is she here? I never talk to her. Still, she had a worried frown on her face and was misty-eyed. “Franco,” Janet whimpered, “I’m here to help.” “About what?” I asked, holding back the tears and hanging my head down low. “I was there yesterday when they had beaten you, it scared the living daylights out of me, and I’ve seen how The Leopards mistreat you,” she said softly while playing with her hair.”Oh… ok, so?” I replied with my crossed, blushing.”I want to help you,” she answered confidently, “we’ll be in this together, hang out with me during lunch–””As much as I really really really appreciate your help Janet, IT JUST WON’T WORK! I’ve waited enough already” I exclaimed, I couldn’t hold my tears back anymore as I let out sobbing, “I was just going to let go of life.” “NO! Franco, you CAN’T do this! I am here for you, and always will. You are yet to explore the many good things in life.  Things will get better. You with me?” She expressed, and I could tell she meant it from the bottom of her heart.”Yes,” I announced cheerfully. We hugged and shared the tears. I’m taking a new chance at life.    Thanks, Janet, you brought sunshine in my life.I’m on cloud nine.