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January 15th, 2018



Bhumibol Adulyadej had a very good impact on Thailand


Bhumibol Adulyadej was the longest living monarch. He was the king
of Thailand for 7 decades before he passed away in October of 2016 at the age
88. According to Britannica King Bhumibol’s older brother, Ananda Mahidol, was
in line for the throne. Ananda was crown king in 1936. One morning in 1946 King
Ananda was found shot in his bed. The circumstances of his death were never
explained to the public. Bhumibol was crowned king immediately after his
brother’s death. He was officially crowned king of Thailand in May of 1950. Many
people from Thailand believe that there will never be a king as great and as wise
as him. King Bhumibol had a very good impact on Thailand because he improved
the economy in Thailand, he made the people in Thailand more culturally aware
and he brought peace to Thailand.

King Bhumibol helped the economy in Thailand improve. Even though
he was the king of Thailand he did not have very much power in the government.

According to my grandmother, Thailand’s economy was struggling a lot. Many
people were selling things illegally so that they could feed their families,
make a living and survive. Of course, this was very bad for Thailand because
the government wasn’t making any money. Instead of punishing those people like
putting them to jail, he tried to help them find new ways to make a living.

Some of those ways were selling vegetables, fruits and more things that were
highly demanded in Thailand. After the king helped these people find different
jobs, the economy improved a lot and those people also started making way more
money than before. After King Bhumibol passed many people from Thailand feared
the economy would go downhill. People were afraid that they would lose their
jobs because king bhumibol couldn’t help them anymore.

King Bhumibol made the people of Thailand and all over the world more
culturally aware. He made sure that the people of Thailand knew about the world
and religions outside of Thailand. According to the book Thailand by Sylvia McNair, the king was a Buddhist. The
constitution declared him “Upholder of
Religions.” A lot of the time he would go to the mosques in the south where
many Muslims lived. He brought many religious groups together to help them
understand each other’s religious needs and helped then understand how others
lived. Buddhists believed in king to one another and the king lived by that. This
helped people from Thailand understand different cultures and religions.

The king was known to be a very kind soul. He was very helpful and
always put the needs of other before his needs. During my interview with my grandmother
she told me about how many soldiers in the Thai army were dying. The Thai army
did not have enough resources and weapons to survive. When the king found he
persuaded the generals to give up power. Now, many people could say that it was
not very necessary to give up power because soldiers in the army were willing
to give up their lives for their country. Thailand could’ve kept fighting but the
king did not want to lose more people.

In conclusion, King Bhumibol had a very positive impact on Thailand
because he helped the economy improve by helping people find jobs, he made the
people of Thailand more aware of the cultures and religions outside of Thailand
by bring different religions together, and he brought peace to Thailand by
making sure that everyone was safe. He was very loved and very important to his


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