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Joe Schmoe for Texas Governor


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POLS 2312 State and Local Government

Thomas H. Little, Ph.D.

January 25, 2018


Joe Schmoe for Texas Governor

            The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate my understanding of developing an effective and successful campaign plan for Governor in the state of Texas.  This paper is presented in four segments.  The first segment describes the candidate’s biography and qualifications for the position.  The second segment details the message the candidate’s campaign delivers.  The third segment describes what types of voters are likely to vote for my candidate.  The last segment explains the types of people most likely to donate money to and work in the campaign efforts.

The Candidate

            Our candidate of the Republican Party for Governor of the state of Texas is Joe Schmoe.  Joe Schmoe was born Joseph Tyler Schmoe in Odessa, in Ector County, Texas, the only child of farmer Robert William Schmoe and home economics teacher Dorothy Marie Smith.  After the discovery of oil on the family farm, Joe Schmoe was enrolled at Marine Military Academy, located in Harlingen, Texas, where he graduated high school as valedictorian.  Schmoe attended Southern Methodist University on a Debate scholarship, and earned both a Law Degree and MBA.  Upon graduation, Schmoe married college sweetheart Mary Anne Parentis, MD.  They have two children together, Michael and George Schmoe.

            Schmoe became the youngest partner at a prominent Dallas law firm in 1998, where he focuses his practice on business law. 

The Campaign Message

            Our campaign is based on “The Good Person” message.   Joe Schmoe is a proven role model in our society.  Schmoe has consistently demonstrated his characteristics of high moral character, trustworthiness, honesty and impeccable integrity through his numerous humanitarian projects throughout our state. Schmoe is extensively involved in his local church and holds dear to his heart the same deep family values and beliefs Texans cherish.  Schmoe is a passionate advocate for independent business practices, increased mental health awareness and tolerance and human rights. He has developed several after school programs in Dallas, where underprivileged children can experience extracurricular studies to help themselves advance in society.  Schmoe created a scholarship foundation for all underprivileged Texans, based on merit, to offer opportunities to attend college. We feel all Texans, Republican or Democrat, can benefit from the leadership Schmoe can offer the people of Texas.

The Campaign Strategy

             Our campaign strategy is to appeal to both Republican and Democrat Texans.  Schmoe is dedicated to battle for the good of the commonwealth of all Texans, regardless of party affiliation.  Schmoe will demonstrate to the Democrats, he is their partner and battle for concerns important to them such as immigration, economic and educational equality and welfare, while appealing to the Republicans on concerns related to business, taxes, market and limited government involvement in Texans lives.

            Our campaign strategy will be used to procure votes from all economic groups of all ethnic backgrounds.  Schmoe will express his desire to lower taxes on businesses to increase job opportunities, thus decreasing unemployment rates and boost the Texas economy. 

            Schmoe’s proven past and current focus on educational equality will earn votes from students, minorities, and any Texan that believes a quality education equals success.



The Campaign Resources

             The crucial elements for a successful campaign are time, desire to win, money and volunteers to execute the campaign.

            Schmoe has a plethora of student volunteers from his afterschool programs and scholarship grantees eager to help hand out flyers, open and operate information booths, and campaign door to door.  Parents will also be interested in these volunteer opportunities as a chance to instill the importance of voting with their children. 

            Since Schmoe’s professional specialty is business law and his wife is a prominent medical doctor, he is well connected and involved in the business and medical communities at the state and local levels.  Members of the Texas Medical Association and Texans for Lawsuit Reform are ready to donate and contribute to campaign efforts and funding through direct donations and fund raising efforts.  Schmoe’s law firm has also pledged to donate.

            Resources raised will enable Schmoe to run commercials on television, radio and social media.  With the increased exposure, these efforts will ensure Schmoe becomes a household name.  When Texans hear Schmoe they will think honest, reliable, hardworking and loyal.