Journal each part of a tableau expressesJournal each part of a tableau expresses

Journal #1 – WelcomeI took drama because I think it’s more fun than the other art options at earl of march, and I have the most interest in Drama. I haven’t done anything drama related outside of school but I like the idea of acting and being a different person. I have taken one other drama course before in 7th grade in San Diego when I lived there before I moved here. Back then we had to choose a class for an art credit similar to 9th grade here. When I did drama in 7th grade we had to do a performance on stage in front of the other drama classes. It was no more than 80 people so it was a relatively small performance. I enjoyed being on stage because it was nice getting reactions from the audience when you do something funny or something surprising  because it made me feel like my acting was good enough and it’s a good feeling. I’ve seen a few plays outside of school. I’ve seen Peter Pan, Annie and Romeo and Juliet. They were decently high budget productions. Looking back at it, I realize how hard it is to put a play together. Putting together sets, transitioning between scenes, and overall composure from the actors and actresses. I hope to learn more techniques and strategies to further my ability in portraying a character and emotions through tableus, facial and body expression, and other such things. In particular I also hope to learn more about voice acting. I think it’s very interesting how you can vocalize emotion by emphasizing and stressing words and syllables.  Likewise, I find it interesting how changing your voice can make an entirely new character.Journal #2 – What is art?I would define art as a way to express something, whether it’s expressing yourself or expressing emotions of another character’s emotions. Everything in art is done with purpose, each painting or sculpture tells a story, each part of a tableau expresses emotions and furthers the depth of storytelling. Every art form portrays something.  I think we study art is school because art is a form of discipline that goes further to understand different, through the study of art and architecture as a means of communication. We exist in an environment that is filled with the artifacts of human history, architecture, painting, and sculpture.