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Julianne MarchandJanuary 8, 2018Summary of PresentationMid-Term Exam    Leonardo da Vinci was arguably one of the most famous artists of all time. Leonardo was born in Vinci Italy on April 15, 1452. He was the son of Piero da Vinci, and was raised by him. He showed artistic talent at a young age. When Leonardo was 15 years old, he left home to go to Florence. He was then apprenticed to Andrea del Verrocchio, who was an artist at the time. She taught and trained him for three years. He was intelligent and learned quickly. Soon after he was considered a master painter and became Verrocchio’s assistant. Leonardo painted in churches around Italy. One of his very first famous paintings was “Baptism of Christ”. He did this with Varricchio. Since Leonardo was told to paint specific features within the painting, its noticeable to what Leonardo painted and what Varricchio painted since they had different painting styles. He became very famous for his paintings throughout the years. Leonardo was also interested in the study of anatomy and science. He thought it was important to “knowing how to see”. When he painted he would say, “The former is easy, the latter hard, for it must be expressed by gestures and the movement of the limbs.”(“Leonardo Da Vinci.” Biography.com, A Networks Television, 27 Dec. 2017,)What he means by this is when he painted in specific ways, his body image would help him paint. This is why he became interested in the body and anatomy. He studied anatomy and would dissect animals and humans in the 1480’s. He also became fascinated with the structures in the human body, such as bone, muscular, and also created drawings of fetus in utero. Lastly he created drawings of the heart and vascular system sex organs. These drawings are some of the first to be on record in history.    Leonardo began painting one of the most famous paintings in 1500, the Mona Lisa. He started to paint her in 1500 but abandoned it over 4 years. He began painting it in Florence. The reason this painting is recognizable it because of the way Leonardo painted it, which is different than the traditional paintings during that time. The painting displays a woman. You see her face and her shoulders all the way down to her hands crossed on her lap, which was not the traditional way to paint. She has a veil on her head, and what appears to be a dress on. Her face is mostly serious but the most noticeable feature that grabs most people’s attention is her smile. There are dozens of theories behind her smile as well as many articles and books on the painting itself. Researchers from The Atlantic wrote an article on “How Leonardo da Vinci Engineered the most Famous Painting” said,”While painting her portrait, he employed people to play and sing for her, and jesters to keep her merry, to put an end to the melancholy that painters often succeed in giving to their portraits.” The result, Vasari said, was “a smile so pleasing that it was more divine than human,” and he proclaimed that it was a product of superhuman skills that came directly from God.”(Isaacson, Walter. “The Science Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 10 Oct. 2017 )This paragraph summarizes that he wanted her to look happy. He wanted it to be pleasing and many researchers believed he wanted to leave it a mystery. Most people ask the question, “what is she thinking?”. Although there are many different theories and studies, it’s possible that no one will really ever know the truth behind it. The woman is Lisa Gherardini, who was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo. The Mona Lisa today holds the Guinness World record for “highest known insurance valuation in history”, which in 2017, was at $800 million. It is located in Paris, at Musee du Louvre. The painting is protected behind bullet proof glass, and also under an LED lamp, to help preserve the oil painting. Leonardo lived in France until his final days. He died on May 2, 1519, at Clos Luce. His cause of death was a stroke, and died in the arms of Francis I, the king. Leonardo was buried in France, at the Chapel of Saint-Hubert in Chateau d’Amboise. It’s safe to say Leonardo went down in history as the most well known painter of all time, and while his paintings were fascinating, his discoveries helped advanced science into what it is today.