Keep and no one likes to spendKeep and no one likes to spend

Keep Food Fresh with these 10 tips

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Nothing is
worse than reaching into the fridge for the ingredients to your favourite dish
only to find out that they have wilted. No one likes bad fruit and vegetables
and no one likes to spend money on something they never get to eat. With these
10 tips you can learn to hack your food to keep fruits
fresh and stop vegetables from spoiling.


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Put paper towels in with your vegetables

If you’re
tired of a fridge full of brown lettuce, squishy tomatoes and shrivelled
cucumbers then this is a great way to keep vegetables
fresh for longer. The paper towel works to stop
vegetables from spoiling by absorbing the moisture that they generate as
they cool down.


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Keep Cucumbers and unripened Tomato’s
away from the fridge

vegetables so that they will last longer is common practice and while it works
for most vegetables there is always and exception to the rule. These vegetables
do best at room temperature so make some space for the on the counter.


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Wrap vegetables like celery and
broccoli in foil for freshness

The foil traps in the freshness while keeping out excess moisture
and ethylene gas so the ripening process is halted.

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You’ve got to keep em separated… the
fruits and vegetables that is

It may seem practical to store your
fruits and your vegetables together in the fridge or in the pantry but it turns
out they aren’t too good for each other. 
Certain fruits like apples and bananas release a gas called ethylene
which aid in the ripening process of other fruits and vegetables. To stop fruits from spoiling and vegetables too, store
them in separate drawers in the fridge.


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Treat your herbs like a beautiful
bouquet of flowers

We’ve found
out to keep fruits fresh and how to keep vegetables fresh but what about your herbs and
spices? To keep herbs fresh, Store your herbs upright in a jar,
flower vase or other similar container with about 2 inches or 5 centimetres of
water. This is great food hack for keepings basil,
parsley, cilantro and other herbs fresh. Store on the counter or in the pantry
away from direct sunlight or in the back of the fridge where it does not get
too cold.


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Keep nuts and seeds refrigerated

Nuts and
seeds tend to have a long shelf life anyway so it may not seem necessary to
refrigerate them. Cold temperatures allow you to keep
food fresh so store you nuts and seeds like almonds, sunflower seeds,
peanuts etc. in containers in the fridge. 

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Store your mushrooms in a paper bag

This is
another great food hack because you have all the
tools in your kitchen. The paper bag absorbs the moisture created by the mushrooms;
this means that the moisture does not have a chance to cause the mushrooms to

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Wash berries in vinegar and they’ll
last longer

This may
seem a bit counter intuitive but it’s a great way to keep
food fresh. If you want to keep your favourite yogurt toppings fresher
longer bath them in vinegar and water for five minutes and then
pat them dry.

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Chop the top

A great way
to keep vegetables fresh is to do a little
pruning. Gardenista says that vegetables like carrots
and beetroots last longer if you cut the tops off of them. The leaves of root
vegetables continue to take nutrients even after they have been picked, so snip



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Store Potatoes With An Apple

The ethylene gas that apples produce not
only help to ripen fruit and vegetables but it also prevents potatoes from
sprouting. According to lifehacker it’s been proven that if you store
one apple with your potatoes they stay firm and fresh for 7 to 8 weeks.