KEYWORD(S): pet. In order to successfully undertakeKEYWORD(S): pet. In order to successfully undertake


High quality dog training makes all the difference between a
seemingly dumb, uncontrollable and annoying dog and a smart, obedient and adorable
dog. Furthermore, your timing and how you go about training your dog determine
whether the process will be engaging, fun and rewarding or frustrating and
ineffective for you and your pet.

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In order to successfully undertake the task of dog training,
you need to understand a bit of basic canine psychology. If you’re looking to
train your seemingly unintelligent, stubborn and unlikeable dog, it would be
helpful for you to know that your dog wants nothing more than to please you,
but doesn’t know how.

This knowledge will improve your attitude towards your pet
and make the training process easier.

Dog training is in categories that cut across basic obedience
commands to advanced, fun tricks. However, some lessons that your dog needs to
learn are more essential than others. For instance, the importance of potty training
can’t be overemphasized if your dog spends some time indoors with the family.

Again, teaching your dog to obey is another very essential aspect
of dog training because an uncontrollable dog can be a source of serious distress
to its owner(s) and everyone else around.

Potty Training Your Dog

To effectively give your dog toilet lessons, do the

your dog at consistent meal times and eliminate snacking.


your dog outside first thing in the morning and after every meal, to move its
bowel. Additionally, take it outside between every 30 – 60 minutes.


consistent with the location of your dog’s potty lessons. The familiarity of
the spot helps the dog to feel more comfortable and relaxed, which makes it
easier for it to free its bowel.


with your dog for close supervision and reassurance.


forget to reward your dog each time it does it right. You can express some
affection and play its favorite game with it for a treat.

Giving Your Dog
Obedience Training

To effectively train your dog to obey, do the following:

your dog to sit. You can achieve this by holding something your dog wants near
its snout. You can use a piece of appetizing food during one of its regular
meal times.


Move the treat in your hand up and
over the dog’s head, slightly backward from the dog’s position, causing the dog
to follow your hand while looking up at the treat until it naturally lowers its
rump and takes a sitting position.


When your dog sits, clearly say the
word “sit.” Then, reward your dog with the food and stroke it affectionately.
Repeat until your dog recognizes and obeys the word of command.


your dog to come to you. To do that, have your dog comfortably leashed.  Then, lower yourself a bit to the dog’s level
a short distance in front of it and gently pull it toward yourself, using the
leash, while you clearly say “come.”


When the dog responds correctly,
reward it and repeat the steps until it gains mastery, with the leash on. Then,
unleash it in a secure environment and continue practicing.


your dog to go down. This can be done by enclosing a piece of
delicious-smelling food in your fist, taking it near the snout of your dog to
sniff. Then, lower your fist to the ground to entice your dog to lower its head,
following your fist.


When the dog’s head is lowered, gradually
move your fist away from the dog toward yourself to encourage the dog to make
its body follow its head until it’s down on its belly.  With your dog down, clearly say “down” and
reward it.


Go over the process until your dog
understands and obeys when you ask it to go down. Be sure not to try forcing
your pet to take the desired position.

The Time Factor

Dogs of all ages can be trained. But good timing can save you
and your dog a lot of hassle. For instance, according to experts, it’s best to
start potty training your dog when its 12 – 16 weeks old.

That’s because it would have gained some control over its
bladder and bowel by then. Meaning that potty training it earlier would prove
too demanding for it and very frustrating for you.

Furthermore, waiting too long before commencing your dog
training exercises would mean first helping the dog to break its undesirable old
habits before learning acceptable new ones, which will take longer and prove to
be more work for both you and the dog.

Whatever the case, it’s not late to avail your canine friend
with some decent dog training.