King work, the novel suggests it isKing work, the novel suggests it is

King Solomon,
known as the wisest person to ever live once said, “with great privileges
though comes great responsibility and added burdens, Someone who is smarter
that the rest of us would see things that we do not see, would foresee things
we do not foresee, and would live with a lot of thoughts and concerns that the
average person never wrestles with”. King Solomon is telling us how wisdom and
knowledge can change our lives and our perspective on life. In the novel The Alchemist, Santiago meets an
English man who has great interest in alchemy and believes knowledge mostly
comes from books alone rather than one’s personal experiences and life. In the
Alchemist knowledge keeping the soul clean and finding hidden treasures as well
as the knowledge of Alchemy.            In The Alchemist, Santiago has dream
which is taking him through a life journey referred to as perusing his personal
legend. Throughout the journey, he encounters several people who help him acquire
knowledge that helps him reach his personal legend. The knowledge he gains
allows him to recognize nature as a single unified whole and to understand the
soul of the world as well as how to communicate with the world around him.
Although the Englishman teaches him the value of book knowledge and the concept
of alchemy, such as the master work, the novel suggests it is useful but one
should rely on the knowledge of books solely. It further suggests that true
wisdom comes from experience which one must earn through action. For example
when Santiago had to act and turn himself into the wind, “all of nature is like
a giant text book complete with built in tests and quizzes and extra problem
set” (Coelho). He further explains that “one does not need books to gain
knowledge rather to listen to his heart and he will learn everything he needs
to achieve his dreams”.             In today’s life we are made to
believe that the only way we can acquire knowledge or wisdom is through books,
this statement is not completely true because knowledge can be acquired through
our life experiences and through the people we associate with. For example an
old lady who did not go to school will still have knowledge of life in general
because of the experience she has faced through the entire course of her life.
Personally I feel like since I have grown now I have gained a lot of knowledge
and wisdom through my life, I remember when I was about seven years old my mom
told me to never touch the stove when it was on, for me I did not know why she
was telling that, so one day I reached out my hand and touched the flaming fire
from the stove and got burned after that I finally understood why you should
not touch the stove when it is on. Mostly how I have gained knowledge and wisdom
is through my own personal life experiences.            In addition Paul Coelho also says
that we have to be open minded people and observe everything around us. “You
are wise, because you observe everything from a distance” (Coelho 154). I
believe that in order for use to learn anything in life we have to be open
minded and to carefully analyse everything that is around us good or bad. The
Englishman believes that books opens one’s mind, but Santiago cannot make the
connection through books he is a person who is open minded and learns through
experience. Coelho also goes on to say that the best way to learn and get
knowledge is through action,” There is only way to learn, it is through action.
Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey” (Coelho 129).
The best way to learn new things is through action, one cannot just sit there
and take no action but on the other hand expect to learn new things, one has to
participate because that’s the best way to learn. Santiago takes action in his
steps of gaining knowledge and wisdom, he does not sit and watch, Santiago left
everything behind him to go on the journey to discover his personal legend this
shows how Santiago is an action taker.

            Wisdom does not only come with age,
but it is earned throughout the journey of life; from people, environment,
experience, action and books. I personally connect with this message by
agreeing that life is a journey that leads one to his destiny and if wisely
followed he can conquer the world. One becomes wise when he recognizes that
which is in the heart is the most precious and cannot be compared with worldly
possession. The Alchemist teaches on
how to follow a dream and identify the treasure inside.

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